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  1. The render doesn't blend with the background 5/10
  2. Oh its Gackt, Hi mate, still great tags, 9/10
  3. Nice Halo / old xbox collection there mate.
  4. Like the combo Gackt, good tag 8.5/10
  5. Got to love the new Captain Matt 8.5/10
  6. Like it Matt, good overall colour combo, may improve with text 8/10
  7. Hi Yolo no problem friend I have PM,d you the reason. No Sig visible so rate the one above. Gackt I'm giving you a 9/10 for this one.
  8. Always liked your work Gackt, good pastel colour and the text slot is great 9/10
  9. Yes DEG I like any tag with boobs in it, but seriously it looks good, maybe add your name text to improve it 7/10
  10. Not been on here for a while, so xease, the overall sig is a bit too small for my liking, the text needs work the character does suit the background but it needs enlarging because I can not make out how the character fits the background, its just too small mate, 5/10 for overall effort.
  11. Cool thanks Bam, will be a pleasure to see you on there!

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