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  1. Server is now down. I might renew the subscription if there's demand. I still need the Decorated Solider achievement - I'll ask for help soon. Let me know if you're interested in getting this one still.
  2. She said verified so the post would mark as "sovled." We should see the fix in place by the day's end, hopefully - I'm assuming there will be another update.
  3. Very nice, thanks for the link. One thing that I like about these posts is that lately they seem to be much more open about what happened and how they fixed these problems. It's been done a few times on Xbox Live and Windows 8, especially in Windows 8's dev cycle. Anyway, we've got a fix coming in around 24 hours: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/1017/t/311915.aspx
  4. Thank you for your post and effort! I, along with everyone else, appreciate it greatly. Yes, it is true that trying to play while there's a problem is not a good idea for achievements, I do occasionally enjoy actually playing the games regardless. What an attitude! Sheesh. Have more faith. I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would do something like this intentionally, let alone upset a somewhat big portion of their Windows Phone users. We're just doing our best, man. As for the double post, I understand the condescension. I was at work and on mobile - it was a tad hard to edit, and I was unable to load the edit page. Apologies for the mistake, but still, I'd rather leave updated information than just leave it at that - it's all for you guys! Either way, the post has been fixed. Thank you! Cheers from a fellow Ambassador and former PSO-World Moderator, GetGAME
  5. Just happened to me again. This morning was fine. Fruit Ninja. Please, everyone - spread the word! Submit this to tech websites! WP Central, Engadget, Gizmodo... Use Twitter and tag those who will notice, for example: Xbox Live on Windows Phone is Partially Broken! Achievements - Help us! http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=382186 … @xboxsupport @windowsphone @winphonesupport @wpdev Edit: @MichaelStenberg We are investigating that issue at this time. No ETA on when a fix will occur though. ^AC
  6. Huh, I was having the same issue and thinking it was part of my phone... Well, it's a relief and a pain in the ass, too. Looks like they're having other issues as well, so I'd assume that once this is fixed, we should be better off too: http://gizmodo.com/5934883/windows-phone-store-bug-sees-microsoft-block-new-apps
  7. Hey there everyone. Sorry about the delay. Apparently Halo 2 Dedicated Server is not super stable - for some reason, when I moved the server into a more secluded area, the port changed and the service stopped after too many failed attempts at connecting. So, after reinitializing the service and reconfiguring ports, it is now back up. I'd like to sincerely apologize for the delay; I know how much of a pain in the ass it can be when plans are made. With this said, it is back up and working better than ever. It should even have better connection speeds with less latency. http://i.imgur.com/4duxP.png
  8. Same here, I believe. I wonder if it just counts the three you did have and keeps them in memory until you leave the server?
  9. Server will be down for approximately 30 minutes in about a half hour. Just a reminder: This server will no longer function past August 15 without another month of LIVE.
  10. Nope, shouldn't be down. Checking in a few hours. Sorry for the problems - I know a few have used this to get the achievements, so I don't know why it's down.
  11. Anyone able to help me with "Decorated Solider" in a few minutes or hour? I'm online and have another live account on a VM I can use. Hoping to get this last achievement.
  12. Does it say it was used too many times?
  13. Hello everyone, I remember awhile back there was a dedicated server for x360a. Well, I'm here to announce that I have just successfully set up a server that will help with the few remaining (for most users anyway) achievements, including rainman and others. Honestly, you should be able to get around nearly a quarter of the achievements if you feel like it this way. The server is named x360a Server and can be found through "Browse Games." It should only take about an hour to get the remaining achievements, and idling on the server is encouraged. Personally, I'll be idling in the lobby for almost all of the day, more if I can help it. We'll need three more people throughout the day. If you can idle, it would be appreciated. The reason it should only take and hour is because of the rotation I have. Each one is named a number: One through Thirtynine. I made it so each round is one minute, one round maximum. It is an actual Xbox Live gold member, and I have provided it with a month of gold. If you wish to donate to keeping it up, I just need another month of Gold to keep it going. Digital codes are perfect, but honestly, I'm not begging. I know the game isn't as active as it was previously. If you wish to help, that is how to do so otherwise than idling. EDIT: Just confirmed that the rotation works, and achievements unlock this way. As it stands, the server will go down August 15.
  14. What would people think of a server where idling is okay just to get achievements? I don't have a machine that can do this, I believe, I'm mostly running through virtual machines. If anything, I'll look into doing it on my Windows machine through September. We'll see. EDIT: Done. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=379884 Currently contributing two to the cause.
  15. Are you sure? I don't think all of them can be.
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