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  1. Hi I need a player match and tournament. I keep getting pitted against people with 1700+ wins and I have 0. I can return the favor. GT : buttmudBrooks
  2. While I'm aware that playground games developed Horizon 3, it's obvious that is the favorite between it and Motorsport 7. The Forzathons seem like afterthoughts that are sometimes entirely forgotten for weeks at a time for MS 7 while Horizon's 'thons are regularly updated. The New Year car deal in Horizon 3 (30% off all cars) is absent in MS 7. That's all without mentioning the laundry list of gripes the Forza community wants fixed for multiplayer and the lack of a restart option midrace. I hope turn 10 pays attention because the game is still fun and looks amazing on my X1X/4k.
  3. I also had this happen. I have all achievements complete at 100% but only Tilten West tank truck insignia has unlocked leaving 40 achievements jammed up. I looked on Google for solutions and most of the people who had this issue were playing around October 16 of 2016 but seem to have resolved it. Mine has been stuck around 3 days this way. Hopefully it's just really delayed.
  4. Tag: buttmudBrooks I need multiplayer boosting for WRC 5, WRC 6, WRC 7 and Sebastien Loeb Rally if anybody is looking to boost these games.
  5. Hi, Just trying to complete one stage with anybody who owns this game. 20G for one stage online and I'll have this thing 100%. In addition, if anybody is needing someone to complete the multiplayer achievements in WRC 5, 6 and 7 and I looking to do that as well. Gamertag: buttmudBrooks
  6. I need a boosting partner. This should be quick and easy. Gamertag is: buttmudBrooks
  7. I am looking for someone to boost Air Sick (game of infection using the C class Hoonigan Bel Air). Message me. Available today 12 November 2017. GT is buttmudBrooks
  8. Wow that sucks. I haven't had that happen. I actually was able to resolve the issue by hard resetting my Xbox and haven't again seen the position bug since. I've seen a few graphical glitches but aside from the aforementioned position bug my game has been pretty bug-free.
  9. I began on Tier 6 and I just got to my first race (qualifying in first place so I am starting at the front of the pack). As soon as the race begins my POS drops to 12 even though I lead the race. I finished the race without any penalties and achieved first place but my finishing position was dead last rather than first as it should have been. I have a few assists on and the difficulty is lowish, but I doubt that would disallow me to win races, so I'm assuming this is a bug. Has anyone else come across this or know what could be causing it?
  10. Sorry if this is a topic that has been covered but I have an issue with rage quitters equating to certain achievements. On the rare occasion that I stomp a mud-hole in some poor sucker online, and they rage quit, I get the achievement for that character's victory and the progress toward that character's wins/matches etc. But if I stomp good and deep, and get a Supreme victory, why don't I get the supreme victory achievement? I'm not so good at this game that I get many Ranked supreme victories, but it seems a weird oversight that you wouldn't get it if you get rewarded for everything else in the event of a drop-out. Thoughts?
  11. It is a big deal for these reasons: 1) I find it very iffy that the 5-10 minute wait to locate a game will bear any fruit. 75% of my searches come up with nothing. 2) The teams I find myself stuck with fuck around half the time. For the 3 games we passed, I had to quit double that amount due to inadequate chaos. 3) Chaos squad is not fun at all. I'd rather play the new lame pool game. It ruins an otherwise satisfying game.
  12. I'd be ok if they popped out some easy or instant unlock getting the game to an even 2000. Btw, 3 times my squad got 2700+ chaos, with no unlocks for anybody.
  13. Being stuck outside at night is freaky. The tension and trepidation created on the cusp of twilight is one of my favorite gaming moments so far this gen. Being able to fast travel would ruin that. I do wish a limited use could be implemented however for quests.
  14. I'd say the first time it got me was #2 but instead of screaming I shouted expletives. This game is not as unnerving to me as P.T. on the PS4 but the xenomorph has managed to scare me like the first time that ghostly whore jumped me. Isolation has truly amazing atmosphere. However, the alien kinda thuds across the deckplates like a Cyberdemon with extra large boots while the films always portrayed it as stealthy and slithering. A minor quabble to be sure and it doesn't make it any less scary, but the xeno is just noisy.
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