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  1. my wife and I are getting the game now. if anyone wants to add us our gt's are undyingwildo and nickylynn
  2. Does anyone know if 2 people on the same counsel can play over xbox live together?
  3. i need two people for the orinality achievement i need the sports star and the asin chick in my game my gt is undyingwildo
  4. its uncle pette from goofy movie. here is a link to all the stuff he did http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0191906/
  5. so if u get the achievement for killing 1k zombies with your barehands u unlock a outfit that looks like shawn's shirt
  6. yah just read into it. guess i should have read into the problem b4 i started bitching
  7. so when i go to look at the posters there not letting me hit b (yes im at the right ones im using a video guide)
  8. Sgt Dwight Boykin i dont know why the fight with him pissed me off
  9. ya its to late for me know cuz i just beat the game and im goin after tk right now. oh well at least there not as stupid as in the first one:woop:
  10. but in the first one jessie/brad/barnabey/isabella/ and otis counted???? kinda gay
  11. i look at my notebook and its at 53 and no achievement. so does it pop up when i beat the game like in the first DR? or do i need more than 50 since some of the people are already there
  12. yes i want the haunted not to brag but with the fire effect i can be ghost rider lol
  13. ya i posted a thread on this a little while ago http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=260332
  14. kat got hosed like carmine in gears 1. and i think Emile was better cuz not only a true beast would take a sword in the gut and still kick ass
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