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  1. Just now watching the Rumble. Seth should be Universal Champ. Before his DQ win Seth had Roman’s shoulders down for like 7-10 seconds. Charles Robinson didn’t even bother to pretend to check the shoulders. Roman pinned himself with that submission. That kind of simple stuff annoys me more than it should. All it takes to not happen is a quick swipe by the ref to Roman’s shoulder to non verbally tell him to roll over just a tiny bit.
  2. I will not be watching Rhodes to the Top again. I don’t like those types of shows either, just gave it a chance. I don’t think Fish is officially signed but Sammy really made it sound like they are going to wrestle.
  3. Sammy vs Bobby Fish for the TNT title was basically announced in a “commercial” during Rhodes to the Top
  4. Been barely keeping my current achievement streak alive with usually only one achievement a day. First from A Plague Tale and now Myst. But unlocked a handful of achievements on Golf With Your Friends today. Mostly just been playing Final Fantasy 14 Online for the last month though
  5. AJ Lee. She was one of the only good female workers in WWE before the “woman’s revolution.” She stayed awhile after Punk left but was gone pretty quickly afterwards. edit: watching Dynamite now and JD Drakes ring attire is giving Amish Roadkill from ECW vibes.
  6. So I’ve been MIA for awhile…and I haven’t watched Dynamite in full yet (I’ll do that tomorrow with my brother). But I saw the Punk segment on YT. Two things…he basically confirmed Daniel Bryan (which we all knew was more of a lock than Punk anyway). But when he called out April….AJ Lee…I feel like that might have been a hint at her eventually making her way in to AEW
  7. It basically looked like a more RPG oriented Breath of the Wild (which I still need to play) from what I saw my brother play. Which in theory sounds awesome. But he was super early game. Have no idea how bad the need to spend gets later.
  8. This probably only applies to Institutions, but my brother and I recently starting renting a PC (Java) Minecraft server and we are currently running a mod pack called Heaven’s of Sorcery (a sky block pack focused on magic) on the server. If anyone is interested in joining.
  9. Testing the post count theory

  10. Forum awards will be returning. Not sure when though. from RoutineRX (admin and main coder): “awards are coming back. i just had to make sure the actual server move went as painless as possible as i could only estimate potential performance hits of this forum software vs the old”
  11. Forum Name: bigbear. Gamertag: bigbear XBA P: Verified
  12. I’m looking forward to the extra innings base runner. They’ve been doing that in the minors for awhile now I think. With positive reviews.
  13. Baseball with no crowd was interesting last night. The piped in crowd noise was kind of stupid but I understand why they did it. I think it was more for the players than for the TV audience. Imagine how strange it would have been for them without at least a little bit of noise like that when they’ve been used to it for so long. Most of the rule changes seemed pretty solid. I still think the 3 batter requirement is mind blowingly stupid and last night saw signs of huge problems it will likely cause.
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