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    Patiently waiting for woke companies to go broke.
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  1. Anything from 2009 on wards in most cases, modern day music is just shite.
  2. Just Red Dead 2 for me, unless it gets delayed again.
  3. Only got 35 across the 3 trophy supported systems, with Xbox being my primary system of choice, I only go to the blue side when I need a break from the green side.
  4. I'm in the same boat, Dom might as well just not be there. He's borderline useless and a liability.
  5. It was dead on arrival, I waited to get my X1 when it came without it.
  6. Decided give it a go seeing as its free to play for gold members during the weekend. Aside from it being a bit choppy graphic wise, its not that bad overall. Granted this is only based on a few games played so far, i'll have to play numerous more times before giving it a final review.
  7. Insidious: The Last Key Only went because the girlfriend wanted see it.
  8. Monster Hunter World - 5/10 Still early days for me in terms of gameplay, seems promising albeit repetitive.
  9. That could be it, although i'm not entirely sure if i've actually levelled up a dweller from level 1 or not. Guess i'll have to keep trying tell I do. Edit: Yeah it was because of the method stated, might as well keep this post in case anyone else has trouble.
  10. I've managed to get multiple dwellers upto or over level 25 and the achievement isn't unlocking, is it glitched or am I missing something? I've only played this on Windows 10 so far.
  11. Looking to boost the 4 player achievement. I'm in the UK and have a mic. GT: GingerSkullpion
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