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  1. Any high end apartment should have a heist room, and I *think* stilt houses do too. Original heists, that's the only place to run them. While yachts function as HEAs for the most part, they lack a heist room, thus can't be used as such. Offices allow you to be a CEO of an organization (1-4 players) in freemode, while also providing you access to up to three 20-car garages, special crate warehouses, and a vehicle warehouse, the latter two being a means to make large sums of cash from sale missions, but require missions to gather the goods as well. Offices also allow you to always be a VIP -- without which you're limited in time, and need to have money in the bank in order to register, neither of which are factors with CEOs. MC clubhouses allow you to run a motorcycle club (1-8 players) in freemode, while also being a dedicated garage for motorcycles. Clubhouses also allow you access to biker businesses (forged documents, counterfeit money, weed, meth, and cocaine), which just like the warehouses for CEOs, allow the MC's president to make money. Unlike the warehouses though, the biker businesses can have supplies purchased if you don't want to take the time to do the sourcing missions. Bunkers allow you to produce and sell weapons (not ones you can use though), as well as research tech that can be used, whether weapon mods (like the heavy sniper's thermal scope) or vehicle mod options. In order to sell weapons from the bunker though, you need to be either a CEO or MC President, so you'll need to have either an office or clubhouse (this also applies to the rest of the property types too). Hangars are just like the CEO special cargo warehouses and can be used to sell illicit goods for cash, but can also be used as an MC President. They also allow you to store various aircraft as personal vehicles (those that came with the update have full modification options, while Pegasus aircraft can only be repainted). Nightclubs mainly allow you to tie together the special cargo/hangar, bunker, and biker business sales in one place, in addition to those sales, that also requires no actual work to acquire the goods that you sell thru it. When fully set up, you play the game as you want, and the nightclub generates goods on its own, which you then sell via a sell mission in freemode (just like all the previous money-making properties). There are seven businesses you can tie to the nightclub, but only five at any time can generate goods (cargo (via crates or hangar), weapons, forged documents, counterfeit money, weed, meth, and cocaine). Nightclubs also have a safe that generates cash (up to $70,000), based on its popularity (which is gained via simple freemode missions), at a maximum rate of $10,000/day (48 real-world minutes). Facilities allow you access to the Doomsday Heists, just as HEAs allow you access to the original heists. It also serves as a garage for a few vehicles, including a few that can ONLY be stored in it. Arcades allow you access to the Casino Heist, as well as gives you access to a number of retro arcade games, should you want to play them. Like the nightclub, the arcade also has a safe (up to $50,000), but unlike the nightclub, you don't need to do anything to generate the maximum $5,000/day to fill it, except have your arcade filled with machines (even if the same one). So this is the only 100% passive income that requires no work to make, other than collecting the money from the safe from time to time. Casino penthouses is really nothing more than a fancy apartment inside the casino, but that does grant you access to the casino missions. Aside from that, there's little to it, other than having an extensive customization option based on what you buy from the casino store with casino chips. Arena workshops allow you to store custom vehicles for the arena mode, but can also be used to modify any personal vehicle with a unique modification -- colored headlights (the same colors as the neon kits).
  2. Not really sure if it's relevant to the topic per se, but for the Kollector, I've found that he's in his "shop" to trade for items 4:00-8:00 Krypt Time, and time in the krypt is 2x (1 actual minute is 2 krypt minutes). So if it's almost 4:00, save your Kollector Coins, as he'll appear on his own soon enough. And if the random items he offers aren't to your liking, exit the krypt and reload, and it'll be a new set of items (also a great way to farm hearts/spearing bodies, as there's always at least one in the room upon reloading the krypt, in my experience).
  3. You don't even have to do that! Just go to Kustomize -> Kollection, and the credits are listed under Endings right from the start. That's how I unlocked mine!
  4. Wow! Good to know! Flawless rounds wouldn't come naturally for me, so I guess I'll need to play some Very Easy towers.
  5. Does anyone know what the tower requirements are for the various Towers of Time character towers third stage? Stage 1 requires 50 uppercuts and 50 throws as the character, and Stage 2 requires 75 fatalities and 75 brutalities. Since it's going to take me a while to get those 75/75 with my current character, much less all my mains, further so with all the other characters too, I'm curious what the requirements for Stage 3 are, so if I have the opportunity to do so, I can make progress on them before hand. I'm also assuming there isn't a Stage 4 or beyond -- if there is though, those requirements would be nice to know as well.
  6. Did you play as SZ in all four fights in one sitting?
  7. That said, looking at the list (my copy doesn't arrive until tomorrow afternoon), I have to say the achievements actually look pretty tame this go around!
  8. This! This so much!!! Granted, I hated online so much in MK9 (between toxic players reporting/hate messaging me every time that I kicked their asses, and only ever facing Scorpion, match after match after match after match) that I just skipped it entirely in MKX (and plan to do so again in MK11), so those online achievements I never had to deal with, but even if I had, they'd have been nothing compared to MKFISer! 24 hours with every fighter?!
  9. Glad to hear it helped! I'm sure, if you haven't tried so already, simply reinstalling the packs should fix the issue, whatever it was. Not that you're missing that much from not having the movie characters. I mean, they don't count as their respective characters for achievements (at least Batman didn't).
  10. Not sure if this the correct way to go about this, but I see that the site's links on users' profiles to their Xbox website profiles needs updating. At some point MS changed their site, as the links to a given member's gamertag instead go to your own personal profile. Old link --http://live.xbox.com/en-US/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=[gamertag] New link -- https://account.xbox.com/en-us/profile?gamertag=[gamertag] Or at least, the new link goes to their profile within your account. Not sure if there's a better link though where it's only their profile.
  11. If I had to guess, I'd say the one NE of Thera. You don't necessarily naturally sail near it for any of the missions, so a number of people (myself included) miss it without a map of all the locations.
  12. Yeah, only if you don't install any of the DLC. As for why..... who knows!
  13. Actually, unless they changed it with a patch in the last month, they are required if you have the packs installed. I didn't get the achievement until after I completed Aquaman 2 (at the time, the latest DLC). That said, flanking Movie Superman is Movie The Flash and Wonder Woman, both of which should have been auto-unlocked with the install. Mind you, I just downloaded Animated Series and Shazam 1, so those are still locked, but here's my screen: Does that help any ID its location?
  14. I'll have to look later tonight (it's been a while since I played (I know a couple packs have since come out too)). But maybe a screenshot of your character screen might help too, if it's possible.
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