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    Snowboarding & Gaming. Oh, and drinking... I guess.
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  1. I might use the killstreak one. Not nearly as high as it should be, but I don't know if I can swap out my precious BF2 Dogtag. Wish they added more neat left dogtags.
  2. I dunno about all this but telling someone learn to fly just shows how ignorant you are. There is this thing called "Below the Radar" on all air vehicles I believe and you can fly a cunt hair off the ground and still get locked onto and hit. If they are gonna take out the second set of flares for helis they should at least make sure one of their perk/traits/unlocks works properly for said vehicles. Even since they removed the second set, all they do is reward baddies. Sounds really balanced and fair. /sarcasm
  3. Nice to see this show has a decent following now. I haven't seen this one yet either. Oh and I'm not dead, just got a decent PC now. :3 edit: ROFL at the end.
  4. Just like a lot of people said on the video in the end he saved taxpayers about 300k. So if he felt that he was going to jail for life and didn't want to do the time he made his choice. Meh.
  5. So I remember most of the details but nothing that's helped me find it via Google. It basically starts out with a guy in a boat on a misty swamp, who encounters a hermaphrodite swamp guy and then he flashes his junk, they are in his lair and he is showing him water colors? Finger paintings? Of him an a bottle of Daly's? It's like Coffee liquor or whatever? Then he breaks out into song and yeah. It was a huge deal on YouTube and in all the circles years ago yet I can't recall the name or find it on Google and it's driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated. I believe it's a British comedy skit too, if that helps.
  6. I find this easy to fap to. Could used more detail on the front imo. :X
  7. If that's true I demand after playing you come here and leave your opinion spoiler free, or if you would be as so kind to post on my wall. Just wondering it's gonna really be worth the $10 or should wait for it to be on sale.
  8. 13ip0lar

    Oh my dayum

    I've had to have listened to this a few hundred times already no exaggeration. I'm from Cali and in my mind nothing beats In N Out... but then they opened one of these in Washington and I can say for the first time ever I think In N Out has competition.
  9. 13ip0lar

    Oh my dayum

    If you haven't heard this then I'm happy to be the one to introduce you to this amazing song. I've had it on repeat all day. They did the Charlie Sheen winning song. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJFdCmN98s&list=FLIZSa5CXkYK98x0xnQkKamA&index=1&feature=plcp]OH MY DAYUM - Songify the 5 Guys Review - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Hey mate, Happy Birthday :birthday

  11. I disagree with this. Not calling you guys bad or anything but any skilled pilot in BF3 would know when your solo in the air and the other team has 2 jets and a heli lobbing missiles at you every so often it's a bitch to stay alive. Fancy flying inches above the ground won't save you either. Sure it sounds fun but I assure you the novelty would disappear quick.
  12. This would almost give me a reason to play again just to roflstomp some people. As for maps I'd recommend Metro if you want a 4v4 setup. I would say some of the new maps might work well, but you would do more running than in a soccer match. You could always do squad rush too, but that's not for everyone.
  13. Who's the hottie? She looks familiar but I couldn't think up a name if I tried for an hour.
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