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  • Birthday 10/27/1987

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    Wired Nomad
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    Calgary, Canada

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  1. Still looking for battleblock trade?

  2. Looking for trades for trading achievement gt= thewirednomad
  3. Looking to boost Rally Wins, Freeroam Challenges, and trade Vinyls. Gt = thewirednomad
  4. All done. But msg me if you need sommin and I might help you out.
  5. GT = nobodieshero Once I get the chievo I will pay it forward to the next person on the list
  6. Anyone wanting to get some chievos let me know. GT = nobodieshero
  7. Im looking for some online cheivos... Gt = nobodieshero
  8. Looking for all online chievos.. GT = nobodieshero
  9. Looking for a partner to do tower challenges. Keep getting ganged up on and I dont have the patience for this game. gt = nobodieshero
  10. Looking to boost online wins. Add me if your interested. Thnx GT = nobodieshero
  11. Im looking for my online cheivos for the game. Please add me and msg. gt = nobodieshero
  12. Im having the same problem getting Power Kitten cheivo. I have done it at least 5 times on the boss level and still nothing.. I am 100% positive that at least two or three attempts had to have been damage-less. I donno if the chievo is just picky on that level or what but its not working.
  13. Shooting for collectible achievement. Send me a message or add me and well exchange. Thanks. GT = nobodieshero
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