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  1. Don't know if the guide is wrong or the game is SERIOUSLY BROKEN but I CAN'T do the Humiliation with Spinal & Thunder...No matter what I do, I will always hit my opponent and never do the humiliation, what the hell am I doing wrong ? EDIT : Okay, so Everyone who doesn't wants to break something while doing this , the REAL Spinal & Thunder Humiliation combo are : Thunder : Down, Down, Down, Forward + QK Spinal : http://killerinstinct.gamebub.com/images/halfcircleforward.gif + FK Im done with this...and I was right, the guide was wrong.
  2. Just took the risk of trying and....The version on the Game on Demands is still the European Version
  3. I started the game on Super Soldier (First playthrough) but I NEVER turn off my xbox or quit out the game and got the Veteran/Super Soldier achievement at the end. I guess if you start your playthrough at Super Soldier..DO NOT QUIT / TURN OFF YOUR XBOX !!!
  4. My first (and only) playthrough I did was on Supersoldier and I never back/quit to dashboard (Sometime save and quit to play multiplayer) but never quit the game or turn off my xbox. I got the Veteran and SuperSoldier achievement both at the same time.
  5. With a community of around 2-3k people, I really hope to see a update someday
  6. Same here. I reached Level 40 then tried the M4 and nothing happened. I tried every other sniper (even with different scope/attachments) and nothing worked
  7. Got the achievement Yesterday. We were boosting 24/7 me and my boosting group. Not that bad, 5 Days straight
  8. I did a back-up save before buying all the cars and got the achievement while buying the last car.
  9. Servers are back and Im still level 26.
  10. For those who want to know : Rank 25 - 180,000 EXP Rank 30 - ????? Rank 35 - ????? Rank 40 - ????? Rank 45 - ????? Rank 50 - 619,500 Will update as soon as I get a new rank.
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