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  1. haha, i have played hollywood workout since it´s release as well. Really glad Nike+ released now cause i´m really bored too.
  2. I haven't starting playing the full version yet, probably will today. But if i use the demo to compare i don´t see much difference to other games. If you can play the rest of them you should be able to play this. This may even be easier to play because pushups etc. are done sideways and not facing the kinect and works really good. The only game that actually seems to get the pushups right. If you can, i suggest downloading the demo and see if you get any problems. I don´t see any reason to have more space than other games. My living room is basically made for using kinect though so i will never had any problems (and there´s no one living in the apartment beneath me, winwin) Will come back and update when i played more!
  3. It seems like you can workout with a friend over live.i dont really have any friends working out with kinect so feel free to add me as a friend: Je Jans
  4. So the demo is up on live for the one´s that haven't payed attention, or just don´t care:) Just finished the "challange" (12 minutes) and the tryout workout (2.30 min) and i must say it seems promising. No problems with detecting me at all. And the feedback afterwards is freaking awesome! Will buy it for sure. Looks like the best (workout-game) one yet, until then... Hollywood workout.
  5. If you actually can keep up with ufc on the morning and this game in the evening in 30 days you will have great results, especially if you´re following a good nutrition plan. Looking forward to hear about you´re results! if you think any of of it becomes to easy just buy/use dumbbells. 4.5 kg is the most you can choose in the game but i´m using like 10 kg anyway. the game doesn't see it but you're body feel it
  6. Buying this day 1 for sure!. Looks great imo. I´m been using your shape, ufc and right now hollywood workout for my cardio since the release of kinect and i´m really fit. I also hit the gym 5 times a week thougt, i was in great shape before kinect as well. i just stopped running etc. (so boring!) and replaced it with kinect and the achievements really keep me motivated to keep coming back. If you want to, Kinect is a great way to stay in shape!
  7. So i´m now 7 days into my 5 week/25 days program and it feels great. 25 minutes a day is the perfect amount of time to not get bored, get a great workout and there´s no excuses not to fit in a 25 minute workout! The warmup and "cooldown" seems to always be the same, harley sadly says the same things every time but not to much to worry about (i plug in my computer and workout to my own music). The exercises starting to repeat themselves but with the option to actually change one specific move if you´re wanna do something else in youré program really helps. And also as i mentioned, harley does a great job telling you different ways to do a specific exercise. The achievements are popping up in a decent pace. Personally i like the one´s for "Climb high enough to scale up out of the Grand Canyon". It´s a nice touch. And for the one´s asking if it´s region free... Yes it is! I live in Sweden and the game is working just fine! I´m glad that the review helped some people and i´m happy that you are enjoying it as much as i do!
  8. Just completed the first workout with this game and gonna share my opinion with the guy´s interested in getting this. So it´s not much of a review right now (like i said, only completed one workout) but i will fill in with more info as i progress. So when you begin you enter you´re weight (not you´re height, finding it hard that the game counts the right amount of calories). You get into some really easy menus. You can use you´re controller for the menus which i think is a nice thing. When choosing programs you have 6 different options. 3, 5 week programs and 3, 10 weeks. This 3 different options on each has nothing to do which muscle group you want to workout, it´s just 3 different intensitylevels and i guess that the programs are "all-around" programs and work you´re whole body. I choose the 5 week program on the hardest setting (Aaa-filmstar something) because i´m already pretty fit. So the whole thing about this game and the hollywood program is 25 minutes workouts 5 days a week, fits me perfect. Many workout´s and hard intensity is my thing. Instead of telling you about my experience and thoughts during the actual workout i´m gonna sum it up for you. This guy, you´re trainer is the best trainer this far on a kinectgame. I know it sounds silly but it´s not the same lame words coming out of his mouth all the time, it is really really good tips, some jokes, tell´s you to mix it up and shows you different ways to do the exercises and the kinect does a great job to track you! I had some small problems with the floor exercises but other than that it´s working flawless. Those of you that played UFC personal trainer are used to do a specific amount of reps in a specific time. Those that are used to Your Shape are used to have a specific numbers of reps only and if you miss, you miss. This is a mix of the best. You have a time, and you have a specific amount you "should" do but you can do as many as you feel you can during the time. No limit of reps like in ufc. This makes the game even more awesome because you can really tire yourself out without the game "stopping you". The exercises so far are great basic movements but with Harley really showing you how to mix things up it´s not becoming boring. So far this is a great game, and i´m surprised. When getting it i had really low hopes. Most of the training games on kinect aren´t the best, sadly. For me your shape got to many pauses between exercises (love the bootcamp option though) and i liked Ufc alot. played it way to much so im happy about getting this game, gonna go through with this 5 week program and i come back to you! Any questions? feel free to ask and for those looking for a new training game, this is the one to get! So far 8/10 (to few training options to get a higher score, not that i need more thought)
  9. I´m always up for more fitness games (most of them are terrible thought) and always keeping track of the release date. I´m really looking forward to Nike+ kinect game, it looks good. But this really look´s terrible. It looks slow in some way. The only thing that actually keeps my hopes up is that Heavy Iron Studios are the makers behind this, same as ufc personal trainer, a great game imo. Coming back with more opinions after i bought it todag.
  10. I just got a little curious about what scores you got at most on the jump rope: survival mode? I have jumped like crazy i almost thought my legs would fall of for a while. I got 39820 at most, doesn't got the exact time but somewhere around 8-9 minutes.
  11. Buy some dumbbells and you´re ready to go! I have been training since i was 16-17 (22 today). I never been fat, i had the opposite problem, i was extremely thin. To build muscle for me is a real pain in the ass as of today i´m pretty happy:) I´m now, from being the most thin dude on the beach to being the one with, not most muscles but certainly top 10%. I have never hit the gym. Just used a bench and dumbbells all the way from the start to now. I love to workout my muscles however i hate to run, biking, walking and so on. And if you don´t do cardio training at all the chance is to get fit overall but with that little beer bully. And here kinect is my savior. It´s the only thing i used for cardio sence it´s release and i love it. Have been using all of the games for variation and still are:) And ufc is one of the top games, it can really give you a run.
  12. Is this the last "version" of the boss? or all of them. Well if it´s the last one it isn´t to hard. This is what i used: 1. SEN/SEN/SEN (Pulsework Soldier) 2. MED/MED/MED (Flanitor) 3. COM/COM/COM (Kichu) 4. RAV/RAV/COM (Kichu) 5. SAB/RAV/SEN (Pulsework Soldier) 6. SAB/MED/SEN (Pulsework Soldier): default paradigm Just deshell the bahamut (the one with haste first) and when it stuck stagger him with 4. then switch to 3. and finish him. Same with the next one. Then all of your characters will get Slow, Poison and Curse. Choose 2. and remove them all and continue on the same way as with the others. if your not fast enough you will have to do this a couple of times.
  13. In the last game i wouldn´t even think about cheating... but 200 k. that´s like years of work and i´m pretty sure that there will be another your shape or fitnessgame by then.
  14. I downloaded the first one with the jump rope. Love it! i made it to around 7 minutes alive . But.... I think they release the dlc to close to the release of the game. There´s so much to do in this game and i want to 100% it. They could have waited a while with the dlc... on the other hand, the road to 200 k is looong
  15. Hey guys! First of, i´m from Sweden so the grammar will probably not be the best. I´m choosing to call this a preview cause i haven't spend to much time playing it. around 2 hours, and to a achievement that gonna make you go for 200 k that´s nothing. Just some quick thought. I start with the word awesome! I played the first your shape game a lot and loved it but the motivation disappeared shortly after hitting the 10 k mark (all achievements). Kinect is the ONLY cardio training i have been using when working out. I have been hitting the gym for a couple of years and i´m in pretty good shape. Of course i have been combining the kinect with lifting weight and eating healthy. Two things i have been doing for 3-4 years so the kinect is really just an extra push to burn more fat and get those damn abs^^. Enough talking about me, Your shape fitness evolved 2012 is a great game. The first game was awesome but this is just brilliant. It´s better in every way so if you liked the first you will love this. There´s so much more to do and i only tried out a few. Jump rope will kill your legs, try doing easy-insane in one go. Good luck walking the next day. I tried the "boot camp" and there´s no pauses to "catch your breath" in there so it´s pure training which is perfect for those who don´t wanna lose muscle and get some toned muscles with a short intense workout. You can choose to do a "full body workout" but you also have the choice to just choice one part of your body. And this may be sad news for the achievement whores out there but you can´t fake your weight and burn more calories;). I will update with a review when i´m maybe 10-20 hours in.
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