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  1. I just ran my own test. 4,200 kills and in 30 minutes I had 8k using the Brumak method.
  2. Theres a glitch I think? What does that mean?
  3. Did you do the Boltok one? Also try to grab the snipe and torque as it is easy to miss these. Simply press B with the sniper or torque equipped.
  4. Yeah Mapcap, I was wondering about this too. I will search for vids and if not, I will make some of my own. Edit: Added some videos and a new method.
  5. Can you not read or do you just not understand english? I made this thread so people do not have to dig through various threads to find all the methods. In this thread, people can find the easiest method and variations of it. If you want to complain about it, there is a complaint board located HERE.
  6. No, there is actually quite a lot of people still on Gear 1.
  7. Really? I heard it was easier than 4. 4 was pretty easy IMO.
  8. Yeah it says what chapter to do it on but not a detailed description. And can you show me another thread where it has a guide for all the methods?
  9. Happy Birthday man.

  10. Where's Tussell? Classics for sure. Have you ever seen Night of The Living Dead ( Original)?
  11. Glad I could help. It will be updated when I find or someone post a new method.
  12. Dude, stop arguing with me. You never said "Have to do ANYTHING with not being able to hear ANYONE at ANYTIME in ANY multiplayer match?" Please don't yell at me for trying to help when you can't even explain anything correctly and than when you know you are wrong, you yell at others.
  13. Alright whatever. Just rename it then and stop arguing with me. I made this thread to help people, not for people to bitch about the title.
  14. I just thought it could be all of the methods put in one thread instead of having 10 threads about 10 different ways.
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