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  1. of course you will need a power cable and a/v cable. you can just get local ones though and shouldn't need adapters. if you get a console with hdmi output then any hdmi cable will work as long as your tv has hdmi input. the xbox 360 can work with 50 or 60 HZ. I can confirm I have a PAL console that works just fine with any US television. if the xbox only has composite/component (red, white, yellow/rgb) outputs, then you'll need the 360 a/v cable and a tv with the same inputs. if you already have a 360 with a power supply, you might be able to use that, depending on the wattage requirements (see my above post). if your supply is not strong enough, you may need to get another one. if the console comes with a power supply that has a cable end that doesn't fit UK outlets, then you may be able to just use a different cable end that goes from the wall to the power brick. sometimes the 360 power supplies fit normal PC power cables, commonly found on other electronics with detachable cables, like monitors. however sometimes they have a little notch (which can definitely be worked around by cutting into the end of the cable a bit, haha). hope that helps, post back if you have any other questions.
  2. just got a German copy of Saints Row, and it was actually RF with the standard achievement list. my UPC number is 4005209066921, and here are some pics of the case: http://imgur.com/a/UIslO i couldn't find any pics of the stackable one, but maybe someone here can post it so we can distinguish them. also on my case it says "englische version, deutsche untertitel" (eng ver, german subtitles) with a little UK flag, so that may be an indicator. EDIT: oops! looks like i got a regular disc inside the DE case: http://i.imgur.com/lBWPRdM.jpg i was told the german ones have the USK symbol on the disc itself...
  3. a fellow achievement hunter wrote a little FAQ/guide for modern-day GFWLing here: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_support/xbox_on_windows_support/f/5413/t/2184631.aspx hope that helps a bit.
  4. anyone have a good source for Dead Space 2 (german)? can't really find it for sale online. EDIT: found it on amazon.de but no shipping to USA. found it on ebay for $16 (13.90 euros), when i added the search term USK 18.
  5. i usually check gamefaqs for release info. doesn't look like there was though: http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/942955-mafia-ii/data
  6. No longer seeking NTSC/J console, but i would REALLY like to trade someone to get a PAL console for one of my NTSC/U. i'm pretty sure there is no actual region locking on the files of digital games. as long as you can download it from the store, then it will run. for example, Borderlands is the free game with gold coming up, but it's not available digitally in Japan. however someone in Japan can just change their region to USA and download it.
  7. so somehow i missed the 100%, and i decided to save the nin achievements for once i finished the game again. however last night i just decided to go for it, and it was way easier than i remember thinking. if anyone is considering giving up on this game with only those three left, my advice is to just keep trying. it's really not that hard. once you get used to the controls it's not bad. i actually surprised myself getting S rank on some of the levels first try. the only thing that counts is time, so if you get hit once or twice it can be worth it to get past obstacles faster.
  8. from http://gamepreorders.com/quantum-break "every copy of Quantum Break for Xbox One comes with downloadable Alan Wake game and its two add-ons, The Signal and The Writer, playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility." "digital pre-orders placed via Xbox Store and participating retailers will get the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break for free, as a part of Microsoft’s cross-buy initiative between their console and operating system. This deal also includes the full Alan Wake’s American Nightmare game playable on Xbox One." "Those who prefer the physical version for some reason should consider GameStop, as this retailer is the only one in the States which offers an exclusive SteelBook case."
  9. http://marketplace.xbox.com/ja-JP/Product/%E6%82%AA%E9%AD%94%E5%9F%8E%E3%83%89%E3%83%A9%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A5%E3%83%A9X-%E6%9C%88%E4%B8%8B%E3%81%AE%E5%A4%9C%E6%83%B3%E6%9B%B2/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841089d ¥1,029
  10. from what i understand it's not actually on the list of BC games yet either, so that would explain the JP one. but i don't get why the copy bundled with Pure would be any different than the original. they weren't together on the same disc were they?
  11. "LEGO Batman Notes: It's been reported that the Japanese version will not work on a Japanese Xbox 360 S (slim) model console." anyone have any explanation or references for this? i'm just trying to figure out how or why this would even be possible. any game should work in any system as long as it's not region locked, right?
  12. pnet partnernet? whatever that devbox live is called.
  13. just saying hi to the fellow stackers, haven't been to this thread (or the previous incarnations rather) for some time. good to see someone has taken up the reins. good work and thanks again to everyone.
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