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  1. I read on a ps4 thread that it is not cumlative. Somebody posted they had over 200 and nothing unlocked. Please let us know if it is cumulative. thanks
  2. You tried the survial mode yet??? I hear it might be a pain to get the cheevos.
  3. Never played a dark souls game.But i played and got the platinum on my ps4 for bloodborne?? It was very tough for me but doable. Should i have any problems with this game or is it more difficult??
  4. Good work man. Sucks they cannot be displayed. I have tried to put them on tables only to come back and they are glitched into floor. Maybe some dlc will give us a display for our guns and goodies.
  5. Picked up a guass rifle last night that does 50% more limb damage. Kills most raiders with one shot. Two shot just about anything. Awesome gun. If you hit a target with sneak game over man. Very powerful gun.
  6. WOW. There has to be another way to get up there via elevator or something. Great find. Don't really know when this would be useful but great find. Kinda lame and plain looking for something that was that hard to get to. Thanks for posting.
  7. That gun is a BEAST!!!! Upgraded and it kills about anything. That and the spray and pray are my go to guns!!!
  8. That is good to know. Wonder if I will gain access to the bird. I bet not because I am not in the mission for them, but will be one less to complete. Lots of enemies and tough.
  9. Do the perks work when they not your companion. Just unlocked pipers perk but wanted to take another person with me. But still early in the game and want all the xp I can get.
  10. I have not done any of the brotherhood missions except I stumbled across the police station and helped defend it. But I found one of the patrols and started the Lost patrol mission. I am on the last section of it. I was reading that this is how you get the chopper that can transport you around. Can I complete this without screwing up anything??? I am no where near finishing the minute men missions. Nor have I started the other faction missions. Any help would be great.
  11. Google unlimited adhesive. Pretty good video of all locations. Never knew you could do that.
  12. Do you have pictures on the walls and lights ran to where the beds are?? Also do you have the bell up? A guy on my friends list said it help him raise it up. Even up some fans up on the roof. I gather even tho its the wasteland that the closer you can make it feel like home.
  13. Confused on this one. When you build one most of them have a pre setting on motors, tires, etc. But you have the option to put on any upgrades you have. Does doing this make void some of the challenges?? I was trying last night to get the shoot tires with the sniper with a certain archangel. But could never get it to count because the first thing I did was upgrade every piece I have already unlocked. Any help would be great.
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