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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. Both x360 and xbone is free.
  2. I'd say play Dragon Age: Inquisition. 200h spent on the game and it was pure gold!
  3. This is wrong. Just uninstall the game and the update will uninstall too. Then just install the game again (offline) and there you go.
  4. Long press the start button, it'll bring the map up.
  5. Disconnects from internet, so you're offline.
  6. Why? No need to take cables off or disconnecting from wifi network. From network settings just go offline.
  7. You can switch your region to whatever.
  8. I check this thread now and then and appreciate your heads up here and telling what has been added or removed. Maybe some kind of change log would do it too.
  9. You can use the same browser, just clear cache before typing the info. Did it on 8 Chrome windows.
  10. Anybody want to play some Exodus ext? Need to do completionist and a hardcore run. There's me and my buddy.
  11. It's available now. edit: 11 new upgrades, lot's of crazy ones too!!
  12. I don't know why are you talking about Windows here in WP forums but Microsoft has started to distribute Lumia Cyan update 16.7 so you should be able to get it? http://www.nokia.com/global/windows-phone-cyan-update/ edit: I checked my own link and it says it's under testing on your phone. It should be safe to use developer preview. Just don't use bitlocker when you update it to retail wp 8.1 as it has messed up some phones. They are looking into it but wouldn't depend on that.
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