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  1. Finished FUBAR last night & tbh, I found my first playthrough harder because I tried to be gung-ho, and didn't use my AI buddies well & didn't work out a strategy for beating Juggernauts. Man I died like a million times... 2nd play was different. As these guys have said remember: Patience, Prioritisation, Patterns & Covering fire Sit tight in cover & 9/10 you'll be fine. Just make sure you know where to go if a grenade gets thrown Priortise deadly targets like snipers or shotgunners. The AI is ALWAYS the same. Figure out the pattern & it's a turkey shoot with snap aim. Pop up quick and burst fire (AK47 was my choice) rinse & repeat. If your AI is going down too easy you're probably picking the wrong targets that are too far away, or not giving them enough covering fire. Make sure you take out any target firing at them. Use them to distract an enemy & get their attention then pop up & kill them. Think of them as aggro magnets (like Army of 2) and use them to get the AI to pop out of cover & fire. I know the AI is flakey, but on Lvl 14 my AI buddy never died because I killed any soldier that was shooting at him. BTW - Thanks for all the great FUBAR tips guys. I came close to quitting a few times, and had some major rages at times, but I knew I could beat it...
  2. Awesome tips guys - I did this on my second try on FUBAR using the RPG/Scar combo and using the snap-aiming makes it much easier, just pop up, fire 1~2 rounds real quick then duck back down to clear the guys popping up on the left. Don't forget to use the explosive object on your right by the Humvee to take out some soldiers and create a dustcloud! I was then able to leisurely sprint across the open ground into cover. I did find though, you needed to be quick taking out the 2 MG's otherwise the reinforcements arrive & they'll start firing again. Then you can Sprint quickly behind the Humvee & grab the grenades & as long as you watch out for flanking AI you should hit that checkpoint easily! I used a slightly different strategy when I was told to man the MG, I didn't man the MG, I hung back & picked up the 'nade launcher which is in an alcove behind & to the left. The AI was so dumb they seemed to bunch up & between me & the AI buddy we blew them to pieces in about 20 seconds Once you've cleared all the enemies & hit the next checkpoint (with the Juggernaut) I used 5 'nade launcher rounds to take him down. If you don't have 5 rounds left, don't worry. Die & restart then backtrack & the ammo tin & Launcher will have respawned BOOM time baby!
  3. Don't know if this is helpful, but I was getting raped by the chopper late last night on FUBAR and I noticed the controls seemed really sluggish when I tried to sprint away from the Chopper, so as soon as the cut-scene ended I tried holding the button down constantly (rather than just tapping ) and went to the right of the sofa then diagonally left then right towards the exit point; then continued holding it through the next sequence and I got through.... I easily out-ran the chopper. Every other time I got caught. I was so relieved I nearly puked.... Hope this helps! SHGG
  4. I'm pretty sure I chose 'More Questions Than Answers' from the New Game+ Level select screen & it starts in your Mansion. Dolfo will be on the upper level of the balcony btw (took me ages to find him because I looked on the lower level. Duh!) It really helps to have the Shotgun reload upgrade so you can fire & quickly pull :ltbut:to chamber another round. Don't rush your shots either, you can hit the pigeons from miles away if you aim carefully Good luck! SHGG
  5. Great tip, thanks for the heads-up - so far using this method I have got 1545 rounds in 24 hours using map cycling. SHGG
  6. For anyone struggling to get 50 stealthy Stuns (like me!) here's how to do it: For stuns to count towards your total you must be cloaked behind the enemy when you cast Stupify. Crucially, you must not have been seen by the enemy before you cloaked (so if he saw you & you hid, it probably won't count) If you do this corretly, Harry will fire 1 shot and the enemy will fall on the ground dead and transport away in a black cloud of smoke. If you do not see this one-shot-kill animation is has not counted towards your total! A good level to do this is the Whitehall level or Ministry of magic. Be careful when you are cloaked and about to fire, there is no aiming reticule so it's really easy to miss and mess it up. You want to be looking slightly to the left when you fire. A good tip is to get really close, so almost all of the view is obscured by the guys back, then fire. It is almost impossible to miss if you do this. Hope this helps. SHGG
  7. To unlock Beautiful Dance, you must make sure you DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME BUTTON PRESSES during the Freestyle bit (where the circles on the top of the screen are blank and do not show you what button to press). Eg just pressing ,:abut:,,:abut: does not unlock this achievement. I worked this out by trial and error and unlocked it by pressing , , , , real quick with 2 fingers (because you also need to hit the beats real quick too all throught hte song) So to summarise: 1. You MUST hit all the beats real quick when they reach the centre of the 'Beat Bar' 2. You must not repeat the button presses during the Frestyle sections. Once you know how to do it you should be able to do it on your 2nd or 3rd attempt! Good luck, hope this helps
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