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  1. Seems to be a profile modder.
  2. Maybe they just don't know how they activated it, even if there's the possibility to activate it. Maybe you are not allowed to kill anybody or you have to stay undetected by the enemies. Everything is possible, but I think it's only a bug. Doesn't work for me either btw.
  3. When you're at a shop... (for example at the "Red Line") Sell a knife, Buy a Knife. Buying it costs the same you get back by selling it. Just press A and X and A and X and A.... until Cheevo pops!
  4. Thanks for the guide. Will give the game a try!
  5. This method worked for me, but it took many attemps to get it. Good Luck, Guys!
  6. Thanks for posting the vids. Helped me a lot !! Thumbs Up!
  7. I had to redo 10 stages, because I did not know which one was missing.... well, at least I got the cheevo.
  8. Yeah, I already found the "X" Option... but thanx for you help!
  9. Wasn't too hard to get 16/16 stars in the first level...
  10. Hey guys. What do I have to do to be able to use the trasparent ways in the second level ? Greetz!
  11. Homaz

    Boss guide

    I finally beat Tiamat on Apocalyptic!
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