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  1. I'm going through it now without using any praxis points and I am doing takedowns so hopefully thats what has to be done.
  2. I got past it and i also used the F-22, I just did what Joel2211 said and kept up with it and used my guns, got it on the first try
  3. You have to keep chasing markov and use DMF against him, dodgeing his missiles too, eventually you'll have a cinimatic scene where you shoot your guns and destroy Markov. The missile will be launched no matter what but at that time you have to shoot it down before it impacts (kind of like the mission with the ICBM)
  4. Thanks, Ill keep trying it just sucks cause when I get that wierd checkpoint I have no choice but to start the mission over.
  5. This may sound stupid but in SP for some reason i cant seem to get past the ICBM mission i get to the end where you have to destroy the last ICBM but it doesnt give me enough time to destroy it and if i trigger DFM it starts at a checkpoint where you just cant do anything. If someone couldd help it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm looking to trade for the fashion achievement, I just need is the king's suit, men's masquerade, and chef's hat. I'll give them back, just need them long enough for the achievement and i'll do the same if you need queen's suit and woman's masquerade. Thanks GT: I Astraea I message me on live
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