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  1. Anybody fancy slowly playing through the campaigns in the coming months? Not overly fussed about every achievement but I'm fancying a good old Halo playthrough and all my friends have moved over to PS4. Drop me an add or reply here if you like GT: TheOneJat
  2. Ah great stuff. Thank you so much for the reply
  3. Hi there, Do you know if I buy/play the game for the first time AFTER this release, will I still get this free content?
  4. Apologies if you have messaged me on XBOX LIVE and I've not responded, been a busy weekend! Possibly be around tonight if anyone fancies any clubs? 5 or so games? Will be about 22:00-23:00 BST time for me. GT: TheOneJat
  5. Looking for someone to play Pro clubs with mainly. Pretty experienced FIFA Clubs player (Used to be quite good at defence so I generally played as the rest of the squad that aren't players) Still getting used to this years Fifa but looking for a few clubs games (whilst gaining chievos too ) Not looking to get my head chewed off if something goes wrong so please add me if you are up for a few games! GT: TheOneJat
  6. Just ripped on my 67 hardcore crusader, would really appreciate any gear to aid me to get 70 asap. Wouldn't normally be fussed but I need to be done with this chievo and get on to some Dragon Age playtime. GT is TheOneJat Much appreciated.
  7. Please feel free to add me, nobody to give gifts to! TheOneJat
  8. My hardcore crusader ripped at 67 too man, feel ya pain. If anyone can hook up some stuff for a monk then that would be awesome. GT is TheOneJat
  9. Just got this game today, insert the disc, download the update I was prompted with, it then seems to load the game and ask me to sign in to live again. Problem is it never lets me log in, it says "Your connection to XBOX Live has been lost" When I exit to the dashboard, I'm signed in! I can continue to play the game offline, will this effect anything? A little annoying. Has anyone experienced this and have any solution?
  10. TheOneJat


    Can someone please explain the timer for this game? I heard there is a time limit. From what I've seen it seems like a pretty open-ish world game. Does the timer spoil it and how many real time hours until the timer expires? Don't like to feel rushed Thanks in advance.
  11. This game has locked up for me at least 6 or 7 times already. Anyone else having this prob?
  12. Be pretty sweet if they extended it for the first day of the new maps
  13. The vector is my baby and I love her so.
  14. Just played a round with my friend at Augusta, all expert/tourney settings. Straight into the drink on 12 lol.
  15. Great to have a fair few members actively playing
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