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  1. I know you can get some kills from below at the beginning of Act 2 but I passed that already
  2. not a guide but a tip. once you beat the game in 4 hours and get all the collectibles, you get items that made Madhouse really easy.
  3. I guess a better way to put it is it's really easy to get an alarm during the fight and not realize it
  4. Do you have to do any specific side-missions to get access to all these areas?
  5. If you fight Marchenko, it counts as an alarm automatically. I beat the game last night and only got Pacifist. I redid the end today to get the Killswitch achievement and both that and Foxiest popped. Hopefully that helps ease from frustrations.
  6. I was trying that. do I have to hit him in the back every time?
  7. This Warden is an asshole. How the hell do you beat him. I know you have to hit him in the back but my team dies so fast.
  8. no, the staged ones need to be done. only the "completed 0 times" ones dont
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