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  1. I love how you take anything from huffpost as credible OP. I mean all of these articles are made to create hype/scandal and in general everything that site uses is correlational study data which never has any real value. Please before you post think about the source.
  2. I thought this was common knowledge among the way they do security features through Microsoft accounts. Too bad some child had to try to gain something from it and got a reward for it.
  3. Misleading players and giving out false information doesn't go well for the gaming community. Godly weapons are dropped by bosses and challenges on insane. They are a required item in order to acquire some accomplishments. Now online there are a huge amount of people that have hacked their save data and they have added bs weapons into the game that appear as godly weapons those players are the type that should not exist to begin with. I would suggest trying to find real players and not people who ruin the game.
  4. The issues depicted in the column, are the main issues with gaming communities in general. Microsoft just so happens to do less than most other gaming communities when it comes to matchmaking people good, the community is in need of reformation and work for sure.
  5. The answer would be no. I don't fall prey to sleazy online jerks.
  6. The xbox 360 version has much better controls for banjo kazooie for sure.
  7. Hate to say it but this is pretty much common knowledge for anyone who has played fallout 3 so yeah. Didn't really need to make a post for it.
  8. I would have to say the first time I played it I mainly just went through the game doing everything but the main quest until later. 100% the game earlier this year when i went back to do the zeta achievement for collecting all the logs. That dlc really sucked because it came out of nowhere when there shouldn't have been any more dlc and there was no guides and I had no idea it was missable.
  9. I still don't see why you wouldn't make such a popular game title next-gen it enables them to get more sales. Also, the game might be better on a newer console.
  10. There are great number of rpgs that have multiplayer co-op do you live in a world where there's only solo rpgs cause that's not the world we live in so you are wrong there. I prefer rpgs with multiplayer myself as well so I understand the OP on this. Plus it doesn't sound like you played south park tower defence cause you wouldn't be saying ALL previous south park games were garbage. If you like to be wrong make posts like this a lot.
  11. I have never had this issue, and I have been playing it since release date. Making a game fully private seems to help sometimes. A level 1 who just started the game could even join someone at the last part of the game if they wanted, it's like borderlands so any issues you are having are very weird.
  12. I can tell you as I have told many other people that its not Turok, I have played turok for a long time and the game whatever it is on the pc I used to have ages ago doesn't have dinosaurs. I would do tests on the pc that had the game but it is broken and the game wasn't on it the last time the pc was used. I will try to get around to getting that pc running when I have spring break and see if I can find it. Thanks for the suggestions, I will look at that Undying game.
  13. Way to contribute to a legitimate thread, what people will do for 5 posts on this site is ridiculous. But back on topic, I have noticed and this is from Black Flag MP alone but a good number of people who are talking have broken mics already and/or use the kinect only and that I think contributes to a non-friendly environment as one cannot help but be mad at people who have those issues and do nothing but let them go on. Muting on X1 especially in Black Flag requires pausing and going through 3 menus to get to it which can be very annoying so that is not always the solution. I hope in the future if a game can be very social and return to the ages of Halo 3 social games that would make me a very happy gamer.
  14. As for tips the best I can offer is to play together as a team and have a few members working to capture/defend the territories. Also, being able to accommodate to problems as the game continues is important as you never really know how people will behave and play the game.
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