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  1. Just got the game yesterday and looking to do as many of the online achievements as possible. Will also help out others who need achievements too. UK time. Usually online over the weekends and 2-3 times during the week. Friend request me and send me a message saying which game your wanting achievements for.
  2. Just got this game and looking to do all the multiplayer achievements if anyone can help? I'm also willing to help others who need achievements too. Just friend request me and message me with simpsons cheevos just so I know which game i'm helping out with. Cheers. I'm usually online most evenings..
  3. I'm looking for players to help me out getting all the achievements for horde and beast mode I'm also more than happy to help other players out too.
  4. Just recieved my copy a day early through the post, so anyone else who has it today i'm up for some co-op action in campaign. I wont be online till around 7.30pm (UK GMT) after I get home from work.
  5. Looking for some players who enjoy playing the game in co-op. You can also unlock some achievements in co-op too so anyone wanting to bosst i'll be happy to help. Looking for players from either England or America. There's a lot of Japanese players obviously online and the games are very laggy when playing with the Japanese players.
  6. Looking for any players who can really help me out getting the achievements on Call Of The Dead, Shan-gri-la and Moon please. Tired of playing with people online who either keep quitting or aren't bothered about helping each other out and just go on a killing spree lol. I'd much appreciate the help and i'm happy to help other players get achievements they need for any game. Time (London GMT)
  7. Looking for some to get the couch potatoe achievement. Message me, i'll be on tonight at 8.00pm (GMT London).
  8. Looking for players to do the online co-op achievements with. Anyone who also needs help with these achievements send me a friened request and message saying beatles rock band so I know which game im helping out with.
  9. Looking for some players who'd be kind enough to help me complete all campaigns on expert, excluding the dlc campaigns as I haven't currently downloaded them. Also looking to complete a campaign on realistic too. So if anyone could help I'd be grateful and I'll help anyone out who's struggling to get achievements there trying to get. Friend request me and send a quick message stating L4D2
  10. Just started this game today and looking for players like myself who have just started it, to work together, to help each other out and unlock some of the co-op achievements. Any helpfrom any players would be appreciated. I'll be online most evenings until i've completed this game.
  11. Looking for any players wanting to do all the achievements for Call Of The Dead, as I'm sick and tired of playing with people who don't communicate and help each other out. I thought I'd try this site out and find some willing and decent players. If you wanting the achievements then I'm happy to help, just send a friend request and message saying Call Of The Dead so I know which game where boosting achievements for, as I have other posts for other games on this site.
  12. Check out the trailer for this game on YouTube. The game looks amazing! XBOX 360 is this generations console for shumps.
  13. I'm up for boosting with anyone. I'll be downloading this game from Marketplace as soon as I get home from work later tonight. Just send me a friend request
  14. Ye just been on the officail website and it confirms it as a region free release, just been and pre-ordered my copy from Play-Asia. Also the game comes packed with two homebrew shumps, which were released on the Wonderswan handheld back in 2001 which Qute released for the handheld. BONUS!! The two Wonderswan shumps are Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins both games pay homage to Radiant Silvergun released on the Sega Saturn which is also to be released sometime this year on XBOX Live Arcade.
  15. Just seen a trailer for this game on YouTube and it says released Spring 2011 so it can be any time in the next couple of months but it doesnt give a exact day and month release.
  16. Like to hear from players who have a passion for the side scrolling beat em up genre and which side scrollers they would love to get released on XBOX Live Arcade. Three I would love to see get released would be Guardian Heroes by Treasure which was released on the Sega Saturn and the two Dungeon And Dragon games by Capcom which were also released on the Sega Saturn.
  17. Looking to boost all the match-up achievements like (Settle things between former S.T.A.R.S. members in a Xbox LIVE match). As everyone I play online always seem to choose the same characters over and over again, so having difficulty unlocking these achievements. If anyone could help I'd much appreciate it and if anyone needs help boosting achievements I'm more than happy to help
  18. Looking for any players who can help me boost all the online achievements. Willing to help out other players too who need these achievements.
  19. Looking for any players who can help me complete the game without using continues and getting grade A in all chapters thanks.
  20. Looking for someone who can help me get both the online achievements please and i'll do the same for the other player
  21. Looking to boost the online ranked fight achievements with anyone who can help please.
  22. If anyone needs a helping hand getting the online achievements send me a message and friend request and i'll be more than happy to help. I only need a few more fights for the 30 win achievement.
  23. If anyone could help me out getting the online co-op achievements on this game i'd much appreciate it.
  24. Looking for anyone who can help me with the online ranked match achievements. I'll help anyone else who needs this achievement too.
  25. Just got this game through the post today. I'm up for boosting achievements with anyone who still needs achievements.
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