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  1. i'm away from game so long that i barely have idea about what armor stats are. i need to slowly crawl back into game and read more i think. enchantmen mostly goes to one hand attack increase and resist magic.. but for further enchantment and i need to read that post again to make sure i get most out of the enchantment right... and I don't know where I put the whole set of +enchanting +smithing stuff... i did have no problem at all finishing the game with very rare death so i'm simply shocked now my character needs further enchantment or carrying loads of potion to go fight some GENERIC guys! for now i am switching to the imperial vs rebel guild quest and see if i can slowly catch up with the game. thanks for your answers
  2. thanks.. though i am not sure there's a shield perk three? or u mean block tree? i think i should stock up potions just to scrape through this first. is the imperial vs rebel quest easier than this? maybe i should get to that first to get some feeling first.
  3. thanks~ glad to know the dungeon is indeed a litle bit tough especially when i'm not ready for intense combat hp is around 350 i think, i didn't check the difficulty settings but i may get it higher after i got that armor.. does this affect achievement or anything? spell was really basic for me which I am regretting now. I don't know what I did with my perks. but not one point went to the restoration! i think my safe bet now is just load an earlier point and go get lots of potions!
  4. hi everyone i guees i'm not the only person who came back to the game after long time. The game does offer some tutorial in this case which is a nice touch. I use one hand sword and shield and follow that "make god weapon" sticky thread so I think my armor and weapon are at least top (didn't go crazy or anything but still I finished the game without any trouble) however i now find the enemies very hard. I tried to finish the theif guild quest but is stuck in the dungeon where you are supposed to find and finish the bad guy. I can't get through because if I got one shot of an average generic falmer arrow, it will almost take half of my life. That almost renders my charater useless since i can't avoid arrows coming from behind! I can certainly try to sneak and play safe (two NPC with me this quest) but still found this ridiculous. I thought i'm dragonborn! anyone can tip me how to get better block against arrow? or is there something i should enchant my shield or armor? thanks a lot.
  5. the abstergo part where Desmond went to rescue his father is the worst ever in a full assassin creed series. Period. That 10-15 minutes summarize everything wrong about AC3 for me. no likeable personality, stupid dialogue, story that cares nothing about consistency (why would i just use apple from the moment i walked in), and weird chase sequence.
  6. thanks for the guide. I have one question about "Armory Recreators" other than the achievement (opening 15), is there any other reason that I keep pouring my points into these? I know it unlocks new weapons which may be useful for multiplayer or some other perks? but it seems to show items totally randomly and sometimes I don't find it quite useful.
  7. Anyone tried to get this game to a 4gb console through games on demand service? it's listed at 2.7gb and my xbox has a little over 3gb space.. however, when I tried to download, it always shows up as device full. I am thinking the 2.7gb is a compressed file size and if anyone downloaded, please let me know what is the actual file size?
  8. thanks everyone. i decide to give it a try just buying a code from US ebay for the DLC itself. turns out my friend can redeem that code at UK too without problem. problem solved.
  9. yeah. the ratings are good but just not sure if they are gonna send the code or they have to ship the thing.. need to be sure before purchase.. asked them but they didn't answer
  10. Hi,I got a feel this website has lots of users in UK so i hope someone can help me out. I promised my friend to buy him a code for the dlc. He is in UK and I live in US. As far as i know, the code from the ME3 collector game sold in US is not likely to work cross market(?) <----if u know differently. let me know. it would be easier to buy one code from seller at ebay US Since the DLC is 800 points in xbox uk.. I think i can also buy him the 800points code so he can buy one himself. I did some search. it looks a little suspicious, so i want ask anybody knows this type of seller is legit? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MICROSOFT-XBOX-360-LIVE-800-POINTS-CODE-CARD-EU-/170826379709?pt=UK_VideoGames_VideoGameAccessories_VideoGameAccessories_JN&hash=item27c60bb1bd#ht_3181wt_1177 Thanks..
  11. thanks. lucky i was not far into game yet.. i'll try from start again.
  12. I got a question about insanity run too. I was solider in my previous trilogy run, and one squad in bio the other in tech is always my choice. now i got suggestion (also want try something different) from the threads here so i start using sentinel .. I was just frustrated by how long it takes to finish enemies at the beginning (recuriting Garrus and Mordin) Should I try upgrade the abilities to kill first (say, concussive shots, warp, overload) rather than the general ability (say cerburus officer, turian rebels, etc)? or I should do the reverse and wait for it to get better later? thanks.
  13. my only moan is probably WTF is that reporter there in the ship all the time (except possible romance that i didn't look into)... even more bizarre than the whole ending thing.
  14. i did look at that guide!.. i searched readiness in that page and it took me to the other paragraph and i got lost .. sorry about that.. and big thanks!
  15. i'm sorry this annoys anyone because it must be posted a few times.. I read the guide here and every other source but u know it's very likely to get spoilers here and there.. I'd better get pissed at the ending the way those designers mean to. I just would like to know that what really determines whether i get the best ending? is it readiness at 100% or EMS OVER 4000 (or any other number)? My internet is crappy so even i paid for the $10 code to get into MP. I am not sure if i can do them.. I can do the datapad (seems really slow) and the infiltrator and all the side missions possible.. I appreciate anyone could help me here~
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