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  1. What are the requirements to be able to play the Kings Fall Heroic raid?
  2. What are the requirements to be able to play the Kings Fall Heroic raid?
  3. Whilst playing through the story mode on beginner there are missions that disappear when you complete other ones. My question is if I have to replay the whole story to that point of choice after I am done with one playthrough? THe problem now is area 3 as you can either do anti ship 7 or 9, both give planes and achievements. Doing one lets the other disappear.
  4. In Germany it came out yesterday. I will get it today. Wanna do the online?
  5. OMG I don't know were to start. This game is the most broken wannabe-flight-sim in existence. I mean, what the hell were they thinking when programming this pile of apeshit? Glitches everywere, superfighters that can literally shoot you from 20 km and rockets that fly almost 5 minutes behind your back to get you. Even Ace Combat 6 on Ace was manageable in comparison to this cheap shit. Online is so broken it's not funny anymore. The game crashed on me 3 times now and 2 times in online coop, I, as the host was taken back to the lobby WITHIN a mission. I love airfighter-games but this one is not worth the case it was placed in. OMG...
  6. They are all piss easy.. Got all 5 cheevos within 40 mins. The bosses are out for the whole weekend. You can fight them whenever you want to. Chromehounds was better!!!
  7. I am experiencing the same as Worhammer. I am working towards the last S ranks in the game and struggled with mission 2. I did many runs were I took my time doing all sidequests. I always ended up with an A rank no matter how high my income was. I think that they put in some kind of time penalty, that when you are to much over par time they take some money from your income. When I S'ed mission 2 I was like rushing through everything and doing only 13 of 18 sides...
  8. I would say that ACV is a bit harder to do all S ranks. There are only 10 missions compared to AC4s somewhat like 40. What makes the difference is that the missions in ACV are longer so you can f*** up your S rank with a little mistake just before the end of the mission. Over AC4 and ACfA the good thing about ACV is that you actually have some kind of info on how you are doing in a mission. When you press back you can see all subquests (ok some are marked ???) your money income and you repair cost. I would say that ACV is not really harder than AC4, it's just a bit different because of how the missions work. Once you get used to the missions and know what AC builds are good you can S rank every mission. repetitio est mater studiorum!
  9. What achievement do you expect for beating that one Zodiac? You get the Zodiac cheevo for beating ALL Zodiacs in story and Order missions. The Men of Honor cheevo will be unlocked when you are Almosen done with all order missions, because all MoHs are in there. The last 5 secrets are for beating the "soon to be inserted" Super Bosses (Exusia (NOT story level 9 boss!), LLL (Special Daddy Long legs), TypeD No.5, Raijin and St. Elmo) TypeD is a uberbig robot, Raijin is a plane and I have yet to see St. Elmo.
  10. @worhammer: The achievement is for winning a territorial defense match against real people. A buddy from my squad already has it. I am playing the EU version of the game and as far as I can tell it is really difficult to find an enemy team whilst waiting in defense mode. I hope the player base will rise in the future. :/ @Shinobi: It depends on how familiar you are with the AC series. The S ranks all depend on money income at the end. Basically doing about 1/2 to 3/4 of all subquests in a mission and don't die and use the recover heli you are good. Every subquest gives money, so doing more of them brings you more to the S rank goal. To date, there is no specific income known for each mission to S rank. I am working towards them right now. All in all, if you know how to evade and dodge AND know the mission layout you will do it. It's all about repetition and learning... @Topic: Anybody knows when the super weps (the five 30G cheevos) will be released on our servers? I hope that BANDAI NAMCO will not f*** this up. D:
  11. That's just partially true. Correct is, that the bosses are implimented by Bandai Namco onto the server. They are just not there right now. In the japanese version of the game, the bosses where added always a day before a standard maintenance. The one day before server reset, the bosses where released randomly on the battelfields, where they belong, with a little icon of themselves. As a group you can fight them by clicking on the battlefield they spawned. The will stay on that field for like a hour and than it swaps. It seems that you can only fight them with 4 members, so no operator here. Saw that in some jp vids. So on April 3rd to 4th we will see what happens. What I think is that they do not release the bosses in the first "war". I think they will be on next war. But that's you a thought. EDIT: I found that out on a english speaking forum where a lot of gamers play the jp version (360/PS3) since start. The already have regulations 1.03.
  12. I have all Zodiacs defeated, only the second one in mission 6 is missing. Is it right, that you have to destroy all enemy forces, all 4 tanks, the LLL, take no more than 10.000 AP damage and get to the large building within 5 minutes? If so... thx, that is like the hardest subquest in the whole game! EDIT: Just got them all along with "Emblem Master" and "Zodiac"... Only the subquests in story and S ranks to go... Well and then the super-bosses! O_O
  13. Why is that so? I installed the game (7,8 GB) on my harddisk and the console still reads from the disc? WTH? I have the slim 360, but it's loud as hell! Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. Just wanna tell everybody that don't find itself boosting to Lvl90. With the latest online maintenance, a new mission came out. The boss of the mission is Dark Falz 2 and he is playable on every difficulty. So you can just hop online and grap the 250 extra GS in about 1 hour now. Besides, I've done it the hard way. ^^
  15. Thx for the heads up. I have the last level of Maggni still to do. Tried it like 4 - 5 times now with only magic increased passives and lightning bolt, prism ray and so on. Hab no luck though. It's not a real problem to get to the countdown, but once there you feel like you're way underpowered...
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