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  1. Hey, I've already got them all. And put an "EDIT" to let people know. But I'll help you tomorrow, just need to get day 5 & 7 achievements for Dead Rising.

  2. I would really love to do some achievement trading for this game, or even just playing to unlock them. Multiplayer has been dead, atleast when I check it. My Gamertag is BesomeGames. I would love a friends request from someone. Thanks.
  3. Oh, I've read the achievement guides on this website for a long time but I just started using the forums. I'll give it a shot, hope the boards aren't dead. Thanks!
  4. Would anyone like to help me, and me help you, get some Prey multiplayer achievements? I have been trying to find people through the quick match settings, and hosting and waiting for an hour at a time, for the last three weeks. I want to 1000 point this game, the story was pretty fun. I havent been able to get a single multiplayer achievement. My gamertag is BesomeGames, and I will be on for the next few hours. Thanks in advance.
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