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    PC Building, Gaming, Pen & Paper gaming, Hiking, Motorbikes & reading books
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  1. Can someone please buy my vinyl called: 1 or My tuning set up called: Forza. Can someone also Buy my car its a 2009 Scion XD. Ta Will try to return the favour. Maikiro
  2. Hi DOOMSAYER86, Can I take you up on this offer of help on Hexic HD..... Regards Maikiro Xbox360 Gamer Tag: Maikrio
  3. I bought this via Steam on PC... They then updated it to the Game of the Year edition. I will buy it on PC on disc as Michael Jackson was in the original and got taken out of the Game of the year Edition. Bought this on the Xbox360 and if I had an Ipad/Iphone I would get it on them too. Maikiro
  4. Hi All, Anyone up for the online achievement for this. Looking to boost real battle specialist. Gamertag: Maikiro Will be available 9/9/2010 after 8pm GMT or if u online now
  5. I am having the same problem.. Can you tell me what you did to complete it.
  6. Maikiro

    Your first 100%?

    Like yourself Simmons mine was Call of Duty:4. Enjoyed very much. I am now working on too many games..
  7. Wondered why it should, now I know thanks bud..
  8. Welcome to the site mate... Any help just ask.
  9. Hmm Lets See, Motorbike - GSF600s Bandit. Phone, Blackberry & HTC Legend. Bed. Shuttle Computer. TV Laptop. Brain & Body. Throne Room. Bed.
  10. A mate of mine has the Talking Tom Cat app on his Ipad and its pish funny..
  11. There is a place in wakefield, west yorkshire... dunno if they do testing from home thou. Will find out details, u could also try Team17
  12. Dunno.. lol.. Not played Dawn of War 2 much at mo... Trying to complete the original Dawn of War First. Mainly Playing Steam Games and Eve Online at mo as well as playing on 360..
  13. Could anyone advise of a free or pay music Player?
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Chris or Maikiro on the forums and Xbox Live. I am currently playing: Dead Rising Dante's Inferno Burnout Revenge Forza Motorsport 3 Halo ODST Pure Lego Batman Dragon Age Origins Assassin's Creed Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat - 100% Complete (Inc Achivemements) Fable II - (Borrowed from mate.) Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - (Borrowed from mate.) Burnout Paradise Lost Odyssey Frontlines: Fuel of War Arcade: Bejeweled 2 Defense Grid Snoopy Flying Ace Arkanoid Live! Hexic HD Doom Castlevania: SOTN Ms. PAC-MAN 3D Ultra minigolf PC Wise: Dawn of War II - Aint got a clue why it shows up on 360? I am mainly a PC Gamer untill recently and have been enjoying playing on the 360.... Please add me as a friend on Live.. Maikiro
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