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  1. I had Gauntlet and Top Spin 2 from 2006 but couldn't find anyone to boost with(Probably could have put a lot more effort in that) I actually have the Gear VR and Kindle Fire versions of Minecraft to finish though, am saving them for a rainy day(more like a long work day) In TA leapfrog. Currently on day 64 of that so looking to top 10 in that as well. WP sync stopped around a week ago on APX games(So basically anything no MC or Halo) would have bagged a few more. Even if I wasn't duel competing I wouldn't have got anywhere near the top 3. I tried Geometry Wars and gave up within 10 mins and spent two hours throwing birds against the floor in star wars whilst watching TV. There was two games in my backlog I looked at and threw them back on the bookshelf(Neverdead and Lollipop Chainsaw) top be consigned to the bottom of the pile. ACA Neogeo Super Sidekicks was my hardest completion. One of only 2 games that has stressed me out this year and in fact It made me miss the deadline to post in by around 2-3 mins. Watty smashed us and the other 4 rounding up the top 5 were worthy winners. I also wasted far to much time trying to find yen to buy Death Mark on the JP store(Its 80% off) on the last day. Was aiming for 55 but just missed it.
  2. Fitting Watty8883s last completion was Mortal Kombat He just fatalitied the leader board with that score. Great Job man.
  3. Just need to do flawless raider for the Destiny base. There has been some wp10 sync issues. I have Lunar Lander completed about 14hrs ago and no sync yet. Need to up my game in this comp. Been neglecting it in place of ta leapfrog.
  4. Gamertag: Legendkilla X Games: Disorder 6 - 1 Point Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse - 1 Point Devious Dungeon - 1 Point Valiant Hearts The Great War - 3 Points Assassins Creed 2 - 11 Points Minesweeper(WP) - 8 Points ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN IV(XB1) - 1 Point The Journey Down: Chapter 1 - 1 Point Robotics Notes - 1 Point ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN IV (Win 10) - 1 Point Hitchhiker (Win 10) (Base Game) - 3 Points Monkey King Saga - 1 Point Goosebumps: The Game (Xbox 360) - 1 Point Minecraft(XB1) - 1 Point Minecraft(Win 10) - 1 Point Minecraft(WP) - 1 Point ARK: Survival Evolved - 1 Point Minecraft(Android) - 1 Point Minecraft(Switch) - 1 Point Angry Birds Star Wars (Win 8) - 7 Points Minecraft(IOS) - 1 Point Memories Off 6: T-Wave - 1 Point Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram - 1 Point The [email protected]: Live for You! - 1 Point Total - 51 Points
  5. Just find collectibles an absolute chore. I played Prototype around the same time and missed one orb and spent 2 hours searching the city to no avail. It put a mental block on collectibles for a while. But I think I'm more patient then I was back then. There's a couple I have to get done. Dead Rising 3 just need to finish the PP trials to complete the base game. I started Gauntlet in like 2007 so need to find someone with that. Three Cabelas games and 2 nfl round up my must finishs. Though looking at my TA stats its going to be phone games and old Windows ones. I think I need to fire 3000 birds in the star wars one.
  6. Need to find all the feathers in 2 still. I go in like once a year and lose interest after 5 mins lol.
  7. Have a fair few games to go back and finish. Will finally give me a reason to want to finish those WP games I've ignored all these years. I'm still in TA leapfrog so will be putting myself through some more Japanese VNs. Just glad this comp is here to give me the kick up the arse I need to play them. Have nothing preloaded unless anyone wants to play gauntlet coop lol.
  8. Forum Violator X GT: Legendkilla X P: Verified
  9. GT: Legendkilla X Total 5420g A: A Fold Apart 1000g x 2 - 2000g B: C: Canadian Football 2017 1000g F: Formula Retro Racing 1000g H: I: L: Lanternium - 1000g O: Oh My Godheads - 420g U: W: X: Y: P: Verified
  10. Great Guide. May have took what felt like forever but was doing other stuff whilst it was running.
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