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  1. Anyone still play this? I need to do the VS achievements and the 19th and on Expert Missions.
  2. Anyone still doing match achievements or Expert Missions?
  3. This is an incorrect and asinine response. No Gears DLC, and I mean NO GEARS DLC, was THIS bad. I've played every single game, and completed everything single game. Minus Judgment's War Supporter. These achievements are masochistic and horseshit. Fucking AIDS.
  4. I have 2% in one of those achievements already. Haven't played the game other than loading it up.
  5. Probably a dumb question here but I recently got the brackets on my watch added and its still a little snug (big wrists). Anyone here buy the Collector's Edition and NOT need or use the extra bracket? Let me know cause I could really use it. And mods, hopefully this is cool. Thanks. P.S. The jeweler I went to couldn't find these exact ones.
  6. Nope. Got it. Change button mapping so grenades are LT, auto sprint, and classic. Took less than an hour.
  7. Mine recently popped the other day after the game hard froze for a few minutes when we finished the raid. The guys were trying to glitch through the lazers and it crashed. When it fixed itself, this popped. Now I did the Iron Song achievement, and that didnt pop. The "trick" hasn't worked since a few console updates ago. And yes, I know we did it right because the other two in my party had it pop.
  8. Still not sure how the hell he's doing that. Nvm. Just did it. Fuck this "game".
  9. Thanks. I'll have that in no time then.
  10. I got 2 items tonight. One for juggles (pass) and the other for saves. Don't know how many saves I need to do.
  11. Ouch. Sorry for your loss. Im not even sure what this 10 hours crap is. Like, you can only get an item within 10 hours of play a week? That shits dumb then.
  12. So, I got all the items before they started adding new ones. Am I just completely fucked because I get litetally NO items every match. I'm lucky I get an item once every 10+ matches.
  13. Stop adding the achievements so early then.
  14. Its more frustrating than ever. Especially now that I'm barely over 200 gear score. Getting wrecked constantly makes it impossible to loot or have fun.
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