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  1. I agree I don't think the game should be rated quite as poorly as I've seen. I still found it kind of fun.
  2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4iETminqGmI/UYAtSU4IAaI/AAAAAAAAAVE/9kehgIjELPE/s400/Mini+Games+aka+QTE%2527s.jpg Mini-Games Perhaps the most unique thing introduced into the fighting, is the level transitions and interactions. When the enemy and yourself are within range of one of these interactions, the player can activate them to attack the player with a piece of the environment, whether it be throwing them towards something or something towards them. This was a clever addition that adds an extra dimension to combat, along with making the different stages more than just eye-candy. One possible issue, is that these different transitions and interactions may be exploited to unfairly turn the tides of battle. I didn't spend a whole lot of time with the game, so I am unsure whether the characters are balanced properly. I imagine the online community will quickly bring to light any balancing problems and the developers will hopefully make patches accordingly. Netherrealm incorporated tons of extra content and customization options, which act as some great fan service. All these unlockables can be purchased in the gallery: concept art, music, character models, extra costumes etc. Each player is given their own player card, listing tons of stats that can be customized to create a unique identity. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mMygg86VLqE/UYAtKCN_3sI/AAAAAAAAAUs/FF19uUcCK_0/s400/Get+some+Batman.jpg Get Some! Batman Conclusion Netherrealm has once again given us a more than satisfactory fighting game. Deciding to base their game around DC Universe characters worked brilliantly, and actually made me forget about the last time DC Universe characters were used in a fighting game, which is a good thing. Each character captures the personality of their source material, and is brought to life through their moves and taunts. Story Mode was a little bit of a let-down for me, but then again, it usually is in fighting games. Characters look pretty good in combat, but look atrocious during the cinematics. Mini-games offer some mindless fun, but are nothing more then QTE's. Gods Among Us has a fair amount of different modes to flesh it out. Extra features introduced into the gameplay were all cleverly utilized and add to the experience. Customization options and unlockables offer some great fan service to the players. Environmental interactions may have brought about some balance issues, but they can be turned off. This is an obvious purchase for any fighting enthusisast, but even casual players who just like comic book characters might have some fun beating each other up. I know I did. Pros + Fan service (Customization, unlockables) + Characters are brought to life well + Super moves are gorgeous + Fast, Fun, Fluid + Decent amount of content + Robust roster of fighters + Nice additions to the gameplay Cons - Lackluster story mode - Terrible cinematics - Not enough to hold my attention beyond a couple weeks - Possible balance issues http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Q3j9wrtgxAk/UYAtV1Yz14I/AAAAAAAAAVM/T218_K8fdu8/s400/Official+Rating.jpg For more reviews check out my Blog or Youtube Channel
  3. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wDcuaVGBgc0/UYS1hFcn2yI/AAAAAAAAAZg/5bePTaiQmac/s1600/possible%2Bblog%2Bcover.png Video Review [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coYD7o81umM]"Injustice Gods Among Us" Review - VBR - YouTube[/ame] Intro Developed by the makers of the last Mortal Kombat installment, Injustice seeks to unite the DC: Universe characters together in a successful game. The last attempt at this was the, in my opinion, less than lackluster Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe, which had scope, but lacked fluidity and execution. Luckily, this new attempt is very reminiscent of the last Mortal Kombat title. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Wv0PgXdeMfo/UYAtXZZjbcI/AAAAAAAAAVU/_OyKZwxKzg8/s400/Not+sure+what%2527s+going+on+here.jpg Not sure what's going on here... Story/Graphics Before I get too far into this game's review, I should probably mention that I am not a hardcore fighting enthusiast. I just occasionally enjoy fighting games now and again. Normally, I prefer the ones that let you move forward and backward along with side-to-side. Favorites of mine are the Dead or Alive Franchise and Soul Calibur. As I said, I'm not an expert when it comes to fighting games. I prefer to think of myself as a strategic button masher; one who memorizes a few of the more convenient combos. Injustice unsurprisingly offers a story mode, which will take the average gamer 2-4 hours to complete, mostly depending on if the person chooses to watch the cut-scenes. I actually did watch every single cut-scene in the game and, to be blunt, I wish I hadn't. The story came across as rather dull, although I imagine comic book fans may say differently. The only part of the story I enjoyed listening to were the random one-liners and catch phrases the characters would say. I mainly enjoyed this because some of them were so stupid, they were amusing. The ones that weren't amusing sort of just awkwardly hung in the air. Perhaps I would have been more into the story if the cinematics weren't so poorly done. They utilize the in-game character models, which look good when playing as them, but just look out-of-place and extremely awkward during the cut-scenes, in turn making them look bad. The only diversity mixed in with story mode is some random little mini-games, that are actually nothing more than quick-time-events. Aside from those, the story is just composed of random battles with different enemies. I should also probably mention that the story is very similar to how Mortal Kombat's story is set-up. By that I mean that the game forces you to play as different characters on separate Acts. So, the player never has the option of actually choosing the character they're fond of using for Story Mode. Not a big deal, though, because I assume most people will start with the story, which will allow them to test-drive a decent portion of the characters to help them find which they prefer using. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gEG3Wtjll7Q/UYAtL929FjI/AAAAAAAAAU0/VllI3wBiSZc/s400/Good+Batman+Bad+Joker.jpg Good Batman, Bad Joker On top of Story Mode, players are granted with a decent amount of extra content, to flesh out the game a bit. S.T.A.R.S mode offers the player 140 unique battles, which rank the player based on a 3-star system. I myself didn't much get into this mode, but it's there for those who want it. Oh, and the battles aren't your typical ones either. They are usually modified in some way with requirements. One such requirement may force the player to defend for 30 seconds without getting touched. Along with S.T.A.R.S, the game features all the other expected modes: Practice Mode, allowing players to learn everything there is to know about each character; Battle Mode, the Arcade replacement whereupon completion the player is given an ending for whichever character was used; and an online mode where players can test their skills against the world. Online is basically just an expanded and refined version of what we were given in the newest Mortal Kombat game, consisting of a few different game modes. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZHWNLJc932I/UYAtNWE1awI/AAAAAAAAAU8/SlVVmHii878/s400/Character+Roster.jpg Character Roster Gameplay/Rewards As we all know, the characters featured in this game consist of DC Universe characters, and this game boasts a pretty impressive Roster, with even amounts of Heroes and Villains alike. It has your expected Superman, Batman, Joker, Lex Luther etc. Each character is very unique to each one's personality, and this is shown in their move sets. It won't take long before you find a character that suits your play-style. My personal favorite was Harley Quinn, mostly because of her stylish moves and funny taunts, but also because who doesn't like a female psychopath? Injustice plays like your run of the mill 2-D fighter, with some added features to spice things up a bit. Each character has a unique attack built specifically for them, activated with the B-button. For Green Arrow this attack quickly launches an arrow towards his opponent. While his may lack originality some of the other characters are a bit more thought-out. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uYHRsjd-ay8/UYAtZTJax_I/AAAAAAAAAVc/DeZJ2SVs2dE/s400/Psycho.jpg Psychopath! Spectacle is not truly displayed until a character's super move is charged up, shown by a meter at the bottom of the screen. After activated, the character will perform a truly remarkable and deadly attack shown by a gorgeously animated cinematic. An example is Flash, who literally runs around the Earth to deliver one single monstrous punch onto his opponent. All of these super-moves are entertaining to behold. I found myself picking different characters just to see each one's super-move. Each player has two health bars and after the first is depleted, the opponent will taunt you in some way. I found these taunts to be quite amusing.
  4. Gameplay/Longevity Onto the category that makes or breaks a game, the gameplay. Star Trek has all the right materials to be a great Third-Person Shooter, it's just that the quality of those materials are less than desired. The developers were very smart about this game's pacing. It's packed full of platforming, hacking mini-games, flying through space dodge sequences, interesting puzzles, timed events, collectibles; actually it seems like you don't even start shooting people until you're 45 minutes in. Now, one would think that all that I just mentioned sounds pretty good, and some of it is, but none of it is fully realized. Once again, I must refer back to quality, and the quality of this entire game is just really average. It's got everything, except none of it is done well enough. The dodge sequences, instead of being exciting, intense, and fun like they are in Dead Space, are pretty corny and almost boring. It doesn't help that the game doesn't give you enough control over your character, and a few times I died without appearing to have hit anything. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Jx001x87bxg/UYAy9T1dEHI/AAAAAAAAAWc/aVMOsyqwJ5o/s400/well+you+know+what+they+say+two+heads+are+better+than+one.jpg Well you know what they say "two heads are better than one" Shooting mechanics in this game are acceptable. Actually, I was quite fond of the animation the character has when simply running around popping off shots without aiming in with the Left-Trigger. This game, like most third-person shooting games, insists on wanting you to take cover a lot. Which would be fine if this game had a cover system that wasn't so lame. I've seen worse cover systems, but this one had too many issues, and would occasionally screw up my shots. Something I realized towards the end of my playthrough is if you want cover to be the most effective, just constantly blind-fire. You will take very little damage, yet you're still fairly accurate. I didn't realize how advantageous blind-firing was until I was a good 75% done, probably because it doesn't look like it should be, seeing as your character still pops his head up more than he should. Yet, for some reason, he will hardly take damage. It's something to keep in mind if any of you decide to give this game a go. Coincidentally, this game, like Army of Two, which I just got done playing, also has a cover-to-cover system. I loved the one from Devil's Cartel because it was so simple and easy to use. This one is a bit more of nuisance to activate, and the animation that follows is so lame it's actually kind of laughable. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_zmQ39bX21o/UYAyzn9WMhI/AAAAAAAAAV8/_W1aApDFfPQ/s400/Some+Gameplay.jpg Gameplay The control scheme accompanying this game is not as thought-out as I would have liked. It comes across as a bit clunky, and I'm sure that if further thought would have been put in, they could have come up with something a bit more smooth. I did quite like how, at all times, I had a pistol-type weapon with infinite ammo, along with one main weapon which could be swapped out with tons of weapons on the map. Actually, every weapon in this game has its own sort of charm, probably because they offer a nice variety and are unique. Every weapon has a secondary shot which can be activated with a tap of the Right Bumper. As expected, the Phaser alternate fire mode is stun, which is surprisingly effective. Almost any enemy can be stunned and then executed with a press of the X button. It's kind of weird seeing how enemies can take so many real bullets, yet can be incapacitated with a simple stun execution combo. One of the animations for Spock is the Vulcan Pinch, which is highly amusing to watch. Since you are able to stun enemies, there are areas in which stealth can be utilized. While it is very helpful to attempt to adhere to these opportunities, I often found myself getting spotted and having to shoot my way out. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Tl0EAWVnF_o/UYAy4At1CUI/AAAAAAAAAWM/HQ6KjwfBa0Q/s400/hmmm+skin+condition.jpg hmmmm... Skin Condition? Campaign averages between 6-10 hours to complete a playthrough. Mine was probably pushing the 10 hour mark since my partner AI companion has some serious issues actually staying alive. I encountered this more towards the end of the game, when the gunfights got a little more frequent and intense. He seemed to get into the habit of becoming even more stupid as the game progressed. I mean, I noticed it in the beginning when he would get stuck up on object and not always do as he was told, but I never got frustrated with him until he started dying on me. Really, I'd like to say the bad AI both friendly and enemy didn't bother me. That would be a lie, though, because their stupidity often annoyed me. It might just be the worst AI I've seen this year thus far. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UL9bUFbPir0/UYAyxhWMSWI/AAAAAAAAAVs/mIML7PDX0Sg/s400/Cheater%2521.jpg Cheater! Conclusion Star Trek (2013) has a lot going for it, so much so that I could have seen it breaking the trend that's associated with movie games, if only it would have been of a higher quality. Sure, dialogue-wise the game is quality, what with the entire main cast lending their voices. But, graphically the game fails to be anything more than average. This average-ness rubs off on its gameplay as well, turning it into another run-of-the-mill, cover-based third-person shooter. It doesn't help anything that the AI is and should be called worthless. If you're a Star Trek fan, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that this is not a worthy Star Trek game. On the bright side, though, it could have been a lot worse, and it does offer a bit of fun, especially since there are very few games based in the same universe. Just do yourself a favor and wait until this game is more around the $20 price tag. May the Star Trek franchise Live Long and Prosper even if this game Dies Young and Fails. Pros + Movie voice actors/actresses + Impressive pacing (diversity) + Well-implemented hacking + A bit of fun + A Star Trek game Cons - Overwhelmingly average - Terrible, terrible AI - Bad game-to-cutscene transitions - Delayed animations - Texture pop-ins http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vHWyRpF3ryo/UXycjPv5hbI/AAAAAAAAAUc/cd1cujqfUPU/s400/Review+Rating.jpg For more reviews see my Blog or Youtube channel...hope you liked the review
  5. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wDcuaVGBgc0/UYS1hFcn2yI/AAAAAAAAAZg/5bePTaiQmac/s1600/possible%2Bblog%2Bcover.png "A mostly bland shooter set in the Star Trek Universe" Video Review [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT3MQgzX3Ss]"Star Trek (2013)" Review - VBR - YouTube[/ame] Intro I was at the rental store this week, and my choices for new releases wer either Star Trek or Dead Island: Riptide. For some reason, after getting there, I was torn between the two. Which was strange, because going in I had every intention of getting the new zombie-infested island game. But, Star Trek was simply too alluring. Not sure why-maybe I let the hype surrounding the upcoming movie cloud my better judgment. Regardless of the reason I ended up getting Star Trek, I had hopes that it would be more than just another unimagined movie tie-in game. Odds were against it, seeing as 99% of movie games could and usually should be classified as awful. To my dismay, this one wasn't in the rare 1% category. While still being better than a lot of movie games, Star Trek fails to be much more than another uninspired shooter. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-S4ZyWBSDaLk/UYAyyiqdjbI/AAAAAAAAAV0/BuWp1AIEjYQ/s400/Hold+On.jpg Hold On! Graphics/Presentation/Story The concepts behind this game are about as creative as its title. It's a third-person, co-operative, cover-based shooter that attempts to rival Gears of War 3 on how many times a team effort is required to open a door. Just in case they didn't succeed, they had a back-up plan of trying to topple Mass Effect's record on elevator scenes. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-30fGfs8x_3E/UYAy32LvQoI/AAAAAAAAAWE/_Z8LrHngi4Q/s400/Yay+another+elevator+scene.jpg Yay! another elevator scene Star Trek is bold enough source material to work with, that one expects the different locales to look spectacular. Instead of being blown away, I was usually dulled by the just OK presentation. I will admit, though, on occasion I thought it looked pretty, but those thoughts never lasted very long. Considering the awful transitions from gameplay to cut-scenes and the atrocious animations. All right. Well, to be fair the animations themselves look fine, but for some reason they have a delayed reaction. For example, when jumping towards a cliff that you're required to latch onto, the character will bounce into the cliff and start to fall. This would cause me to think I was gonna die, but then after a second the animation would magically start up and he would grab onto the cliff, despite the fact it looked like he teleported to do so. Another strange, yet slightly amusing, decision was allowing the player to be able to literally run inside of and through their AI companion. I suppose this may have been done to prevent them from bumping into you or getting in your way, although, oddly enough, they didn't decide to do this with bullets. If you shoot at him, he will block your shots instead of allowing you to shoot through him. Cut-scenes look decent, except I can't help but want more from them, probably because their quality doesn't match the stellar voice-acting. I say that because thankfully this game acquired the actual actors/actresses from the movie to voice their respective roles. Not much point in doing so, though, when the characters on-screen don't do them justice. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lXM8Uz6-9y8/UYAy8me297I/AAAAAAAAAWU/V-bmPD3_-P4/s400/see+sort+of+looks+good.jpg See it sort of looks good From the start, the player is given the option to choose between the careful and calculating Spock, or the brash and arrogant Captain Kirk. There are only very minor differences between the two, so it doesn't really matter who you choose. Since the two of them are constantly together throughout the course of the game, there is plenty of great dialogue between them, as expected. The story takes place between the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie and the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness film. After having beaten the game, I can't really say that playing this game enhances the overall story. In other words, when you watch the new movie I doubt your going to think that playing the game added to the experience. To be honest, the story told in the game was kind of boring. Of course that was probably mostly because the cinematics weren't much fun to watch. I didn't focus a lot on the game's audio when I was playing, but there were moments when it had some nice background music. I'm not much of a Star Trek buff, seeing as I've only seen the 2009 Star Trek, but I'm assuming it was the classic music.
  6. A friend and I made a song based on the Bioshock Infinite Story and characters. Because, of this the video has some spoilers. Please do not view until you have completed the story. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQiL_XAUG8k]Bioshock Infinite "I Will Save You" Music Video! ( Fan Made ) - YouTube[/ame] Let me know what you guys think...
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko51GSomRSc]"Metal Gear Rising Revengeance" Review - VBR - YouTube[/ame] Link to my Full Written Review http://vampyreblade.blogspot.com/2013/02/metal-gear-rising-revengeance-written.html Lately, I've been getting into reviewing games just a hobby right now. Feel free to check out my review and give me feedback thanks. Oh and if you like the video please subscribe. I'm trying to do a new review every week!
  8. Whoops I didn't even notice I said it backwards but you're right. Thanks
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtQhCgu8fIc]"Aliens Colonial Marines" Review - VBR - YouTube[/ame] Link to my Full Written Review http://vampyreblade.blogspot.com/2013/02/aliens-colonial-marines-written-review.html Lately, I've been getting into reviewing games just a hobby right now. Feel free to check out my review and give me feedback thanks. Oh and if you like the video please subscribe. I'm trying to do a new review every week.
  10. Hmmm guess I never realized Call of Duty Games do that. I've never had this issue with Call of Duty, unless you mean just the online ranking because I only play Call of Duty's campaign mode. Anyways though it worked, it seems to be saving my progress now so anyone else encountering this problem should try recovering their gamertag.
  11. I've never heard of a game saving only to a profile, but that would explain a lot. You're right though recovering my gamertag would probably be the best solution. Not, looking forward to that though because it takes forever to recover my gamertag with my slow internet connection. Although I haven't recovered it in years so here's hoping they've made the process quicker than it used to be. Thanks for the help I appreciate it hopefully this will resolve the issue. Guess I'll be starting up the game for the third time now, not even sure it's worth it.
  12. Alright, so I rented the game yesterday got probably halfway through it. Started it up today and resets my rank back to 0 along with having no recollection that I ever played the games campaign. Naturally I was pissed especially considering how lackluster this game is in general, and then this happens. So, I suck it up and start the game over and get 8 chapters in stop and go to the movies. When I got back all my progress was erased again. So, I booted up the first level of the game exited to the dashboard. Then I went to my memory and theres no save file what gives? Is anyone else experiencing this same issue?
  13. To give you an easier answer minus all the achievement talk, which I assume you're probably not super into. Yes, it makes a good rental it will take you 8-12 hours on a normal playthrough at a decent pace. Although everything "i fist brown i" said is right. If you're looking to 1k it then its probably worth purchasing. Especially since it will probably have dlc achievements added on at a later date.
  14. Video Review [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkc6ZbyTEE0]"Dead Space 3" Review - VBR - YouTube[/ame] Link to my Full Written Review http://vampyreblade.blogspot.com/2013/02/dead-space-3-written-review.html Lately, I've been getting into reviewing games just a hobby right now. Feel free to check out my review and give me feedback thanks. Oh and if you like the video please subscribe. I'm trying to do a new review every week.
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