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  1. Thank you ! Challenge Mode is my favorite type of Arena Mode. It's all about knowing what weapon is the best and when to use it. After that it's practice (to increase your skill) and luck (lucky laser spawns etc). I'm doing Challenge Mode for a while now so it's not basically a couple of runs ;p! It's just a couple of runs when I try to be as fast as possible on that map. I've a list of my best times on every map . (I'm currently Rank 3 on Challenge - Ranked Leaderboards on XBLA !) Ah yes, another challenge :3! I love it. Soloperation in about 22 seconds, you say? That's impressive. And it's interesting in your experience you have more difficulty in soloperation than in FunWithFans (In my experience FunwithFans is ''harder'' ). My personal record on Soloperation is 0:23:45, so I'm getting close to 22 sec. I wish you good luck with farming gems . Hopefully you will find a method which gives you a decent amount of gems per hour . Update: I've made the 22 seconds ! My personal best is now 0:22:84 on Soloperation ! That's in about 22 seconds, in my opinion ^^
  2. Hiya ;D! I think it's a great idea to do these challenges! Thank you for making a thread about it. As you already noticed, you got my attention and therefore I tried to beat your time ! I tried it a couple of times and I reached 0:28:31. Maybe it's a good idea to put here your best personal time on all those challenges. Makes it a little more fun and challenging to do those challenge runs. :3 Thanks for making this thread once again ! Keep racing (Challenging)!
  3. Hello BattleBlock Theater players, I have some questions about how the Challenge Player Matches Leaderboards works. In Challenge Ranked Matches Leaderbords, you will get 10 points per 1 win. Losses doesn't seem to do a thing to the points. Today I've started doing Challenge Player Matches, however the amount of points you'll receive is different than Ranked Matches. It seems the amount of losses now has an effect on the amount of Points you have. Furthermore, I've noticed you can get ''free'' wins even if your opponent has left the challenge arena (Where you can choose doors etc). What I wonder is the following: do you get points only and only if you challenge against other players? Or does the game use a formula which has your wins and losses as variables? So basically my question is: how does the system of getting points work in Challenge Player Matches? What I think it is (however I am not sure): The amount of points you have only lowers or gets higher if you challenge against other players only if the other player finishes. I'm afraid this is it, however I am not entirely certain. I'm afraid of this because the amount of quitters I have against me is too high oO. Thank you for reading!
  4. Hello Battleblock Theater players, I was wondering if someone is able and willing to trade ''BOOM!'' with me for 250 gems ( I don't know the worth of ''BOOM!'', so maybe the price isn't accurate). ''BOOM!'' is my favorite Special Starhead ! (It 's the Bomb head) EDIT: I'm willing to trade (for ''BOOM!'') the following Starheads: ''Moose'', ''ISEEYOU'', ''Mr. Peabody'', ''Snail'', ''BLOCKeteer'', ''Toothbrush'', ''FBI Agent1'', ''Alien Hominid'' or ''Castle Crashers''. EDIT2: Willing to trade also: ''Donuts'', ''Troll'' or ''Triple Threat''. Or 350 Gems. Have fun all with playing Battleblock Theater ^^! EDIT 3: No longer needed to trade for the Starhead ''BOOM!'' I'm still willing to trade Starheads (Except boom) for my other Starheads. Thanks for viewing. Have fun all with BattleBlock Theater, and if you try to do Insane Solo or Co-op; good luck !
  5. If someone is up for Icy Dead People or Am I Only Dreaming, I will be glad to help you. Send me a message and/or FR (:
  6. I'm looking for three guys to do Survival of the Fittest. Have a mic and know what to do. It's almost weekend so maybe we can set it up pretty fast (: . Send me a message and FR if you're interested.
  7. Well, I've done it on Casual because I want to enjoy the DLC without being focused on keeping alive. I've achieved the full 250g in around 2 hours. I've killed everything, at the start of the DLC I was level 20 with Katerina and I've read the dialogue quickly (I read it for myself, I didn't wait till they were done talking). Of course it takes longer if you do it on Normal or Hardcore. Secondly on how you play: do you kill everything or do you just walk past them. Third, how skilled you are with your character and which level he or she is. And last if you skipped the dialogue or read the dialogue. My timeframe will be like 1h30min - 3h30min.
  8. I downloaded the DLC today and have completed all achievements. All achievements are showed on xbox.com and on the xbox dashboard (: . They are pretty easy, if you do all quests you certainly have all the achievements. Except the respeccing one but 20k isn't a lot imo (:
  9. I would like to be part of it (: . I am still in need of it as well but we can be on the same team, can't we?^^
  10. I have a testweek this week so I will only be online in the evenings (my posttime and later). I have a party Friday night but I am free on Saturday/Sunday.
  11. If anyone is up for some Horde achievements (not the 1-10's ones), you can send me a message. I am online now so we do some instantly (:
  12. Hi man! How did you get an all-bot match? Do I have to do something for it or just the regular searching for players?
  13. Exactly, we need to schedule this thing nicely! I have testweek next week so I won't be online in the morning or afternoon on regular schooldays. I can be online every day after 7 pm (check my post time and calculute +2 hours, that's my timezone), except for Tuesday, I am online at 9.10 pm. In the weekends I am mostly online if I haven't got any real life stuff to do (: .
  14. Hi Aversion! If you want I can help you with the Horde mode on the DLC Maps!^^ I don't know your GT for sure (is it Aversion perhaps?) so would you be so kindly to send me a message? For your information I still need all the *not custom* achievements!
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