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  1. I think my biggest gripe for the game is the bugs. Is nobody else encountering this?? 1. Camera getting locked, and it's hard to shake it free (though I've read most people have to restart, I managed to find a way around it). 2. The game crashes. So. Much. I've had 10 crashes / freezes in my game, sometimes with a lot of game lost if I've been in a dungeon. 3. Disappearing hunts. I haven't read anyone else having this issue, but I think it's because I accepted a hunt, did some other stuff (including traveling to Altissia and back), and it caused the hunt to stay in my quest log but the monster to just not be there. 4. Broken Monster Whistle. I've read about the monster whistle not working from other people. And not just that it doesn't work some places -- for some people, it breaks random encounters in general in the game. For me, I noticed that the monsters appeared, and just as I was about to warp strike them, they disappeared. No more encounters after that. 1-3 happened to me while trying to do the Jabberwock hunt in the Costlemark Tower. I've now done that hunt 3 times (which adds to the initial time of doing the quest for the royal arms), and I still don't have the hunt completed. It's really making me pissed off...
  2. Looking to boost Never Say Die (revive a partner in co-op) and Choreography (10 co-op sync kills). Doing the MP missions solo to collect enough points to unlock all skills, so mostly just hoping to get these two knocked out quickly with a partner.
  3. Looking to boost 100 ranked wins. Honestly I'm hoping to knock out all the online achievements, so happy to reciprocate on 100 ranked wins (that gets to 200 / 300 matches) and make sure we hit the correct rank as well. Not much activity on this forum these days, but maybe someone else will be in the same boat I am. GT: zszaiss.
  4. I need 2 / 3 Hugs for Friends List as well as Professor Portal. I'm willing to create a temporary account to give someone else Professor Portal in exchange. I'm mostly done with the other multi-player achievements, but I'm willing to help with a few of these as well if you want. GT: zszaiss.
  5. Out of curiosity, where are the Merchant Chase secondary quests? Each chapter I've encountered (1-5) had 4 races, 4 assassinations, 1-2 mysteries, and that's it. The mysteries don't seem to count toward your synchronization at all, so I just do the 4 races and 4 assassinations and then move on.
  6. looks like nobody's posted on here recently, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I haven't started any of the online achievements, so if anyone's in the same boat and wants to trade off ~10 wins at a time, we should be able to make progress on hit pretty quickly. GT zszaiss
  7. On top of this, I've found a new strategy for costume unlocking that I haven't seen posted elsewhere, in Mephisto's Realm - Sepulcher (where you fight Blackheart). I like this because there are plenty of enemies to fight, and they all go down quickly with one or two hits. When you arrive, make two saves. Form a party of one with whoever's costumes you want to unlock. Kill enough enemies to unlock the 2-3 costumes you're going for. Save on the newer of the two saves. Load the older of two saves. Even though you continually save over work that you did with a character, the costumes stay will remain unlocked. Plus, you'll know they aren't relocking due to achievements popping.
  8. OK, I've been stumbling my way through this game since the game + DLC went on sale last month. There's a bit of information scattered across multiple websites, but through some trial and error I think I've figured out the main cause of glitches. The guidance in the guide is solid, but I've noticed glitches without any of those situations happening to me. Here's another cause that isn't in the guide: Any unsaved character or costume unlocks will RELOCK when you get an achievement. Here's some ways this manifests itself: When I get the fifth action figure for Daredevil or Black Panther, the character unlocks. Then I get the achievement, so the character locks again. I went back to an earlier save to get the 5th action figure and the character stayed unlocked. When you unlock the last costume for a DLC character, that achievement will pop so that costume (as well as any other costume you've gotten since your last save) will relock. This is true for unrelated achievements as well -- I unlocked a costume and then went to fight Blackheart. Once that achievement popped, the costume was relocked. The only way to re-unlock a costume or character seems to be to replay from an earlier save or to start the game over. One more thing I've noticed -- once you save with a character / costume unlocked, it seems to apply to all your saves. For example, I played through Mephisto's realm but realized Daredevil and Black Panther had relocked, so I reloaded a save from before that level. When I checked my characters, Ghost Rider was already unlocked, even though that save was prior to entering Mephisto's realm. Same with lots of costumes I unlocked while playing that level. So, if anyone else is in my shoes and just getting into this game, I'd say, watch for costume unlocks (it took me a while to realize what to look for -- it's the same banner text at the bottom as a level up), and save when they happen. It's tough on the first playthrough because of all the small achievements for kills and what not. I think my Captain America 3rd costume was unlocked and relocked somewhere along the line and I just didn't notice. I'll have to pick that one up on another playthrough. But now that I know what to look for, I think it will be easier to start unlocking costumes and keeping them unlocked.
  9. Also looking to boost these online achievements. Had a couple boosting partners who ended up helping each other and leaving me high and dry. Drop me a line if you're looking to get those online achievements.
  10. Finally had time to check out the DLC over Winter break. In case anyone's in the same boat as I am, pretty much any Little Pig Adventure guide online will help you get the 40 star boxes. I'm using this one. The only two achievements you won't automatically get while seeking out the 40 star boxes are: Full Reverse: You get the reverse control in the star box to the right of the starting point. Put it in your vehicle and flip it once to unlock. Pigfall: The pit in question here doesn't have a star box in it, so you won't get it while finding the 40 star boxes. Look for the bridge in the lower-right of the stage, break it and fall through. TNT will work, but I personally don't like trying to fly precisely that far without bumping into anything with TNT. I used a plunger gun pointed down and to the right and shot it under the bridge to force the bridge to break. (The above video uses that solution early in the video for a different bridge.)
  11. Alright, I got both Camper and Supplier tonight. Once I turned off the VETERANS cheat, my stats still showed 20 total supply camps taken over, and 10 supply camps taken over with VETERANS active. So I think the supply camp stat saves, not sure if other things do or not. I did 10 supply camps regularly, then 10 supply camps with VETERANS active, but given that the total supply camp stat is saved, you can probably do them in any order. Best if, like me, you didn't loot too many supply camps in the game and just want to get the achievement quickly.
  12. Just hopped on my 360 and saw this as the primary advertisement. But clicking on it results in an error (same with trying to search for it online - the result comes up but it throws an error on the marketplace site). It says two new missions and more -- anyone know what to expect in it?
  13. Cool. I'm working on supply camps tonight and still need both of those achievements as I said. I'll post back here to let you know if Supplier contributes to Camper.
  14. Awesome guide - it's been very helpful. I have a few tips, and a question. Tips: 1. For Nap Time and Instant Vikings, Twin Snake Path is a location that reliably has a group of 5 on patrol. It's just north of the viewpoint. (Incidentally, this is also great for the Abstergo Challenge to kill 5 Smoke Bombed enemies in 10 seconds... Smoke bomb + Grenade. ) 2. I got bored skinning animals and decided to buy all the pelts I needed for upgrading. Buying pelts will get you the challenge for skinning all animals, but not for harpooning all 5 sea animals. In case, like me, you're swimming in money in the game and want to save a bit of time. 3. Another for an Abstergo challenge - the one for Agile guards - there are two of them in the fort in NY just northwest of the southernmost viewpoint (515,-757). I found I didn't have any of these yet, so just fast traveled there twice to knock this one out. Question: I haven't done Supplier or Camper yet. Since you said that Veterans cheat doesn't take away saving, it seems like it's a good tip to double up on these achievements -- do they count toward the same total?
  15. Great tips - I'm trying to renovate as much as I can early on so I can start racking up money. Although I'm a little disappointed to have left my game on for 4 hours and only cash in 4 times. I would have assumed it would have gone faster than that. Related question: All the treasure chests I've encountered say "earn money: low" when I hover over them on the map. It seems collecting prosperity rewards don't change this rating. Is there anything I can do to up the earning potential of treasure chests? Or should I just collect them as I see them?
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