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  1. So... I purchased the version of the game with the season pass, though after seeing the end game content thus far, I'm concerned I'm going to end up with extra content that I've paid for that is simply too difficult and I'm not able to play. Falcon Lost is a simply miserable experience. Will we be getting more of the same with the season pass?
  2. Hey Lee, just found out that split screen has been removed from Halo 5. Haven't seen an article? Might be worth mentioning! :)

  3. So, downloaded the patch. Still put my splitscreen partner on a different team. Teams were still uneven. Couldn't stay with the group after the match. Still long waits in matchmaking. What an absolute mess.
  4. Still looking for both of the four player achievements if anyone wants to help out.
  5. On the Games for Gold page the background image is from Crackdown... might be a clue
  6. I don't know... She's a very intelligent woman. LOL REVENGE seems so out of character.
  7. Played through it tonight, splitscreen with GF, didn't unlock for her until the third time we killed him. She had the killing shot the second time too. Just keep doing it, hopefully it'll pop eventually.
  8. I'd really like the Siren head and skin. I don't really have anything to trade, but would be willing to dupe it for anyone else that wanted it.
  9. Still looking to do the Anniversary and new Defiant achievements. Have four controllers. Message me. GT: SMJenkins77
  10. Looking to get the online achievements. Add/Msg me if you are interested.
  11. It should say on the outer sleeve whether it contains the bonus content or not.
  12. If you do the clearing the cache method (I did it last week with no ill effects) make sure when the game asks you if you want to overwrite your save file you say NO.
  13. Well, they were evil enough to put the content on the disc and still charge us for it... lol
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