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  1. Need all mythic achievements, message if interested
  2. Looking to do coop on insane. MSG me if you can help out and I will return the favor
  3. If you are like me you did not pre-order the game and in order to get 99 stars you must 3 star the Wizards and Thunder comeback games. I was able to get 775 points on the Thunder game using the following strategy. I was down 66-52 to start the 4th in 6 min quarters and eventually came back to take the lead with 3:38 left. The key is to use full court press; try to watch where Westbrook is leaning and use Chalmers/Wade/James (high steal ratings) to intercept. If Sefolosha gets the ball hound him or otherwise wait for him to try and pass it back to Westbrook then intercept again. I also subbed out Haslem for Allen to give me some more speed along with a great 3 point shooter as Bosh/Andersen provided offensive rebounds should someone have missed. Another key is to not try and whore LeBron James. If you just sprint down the floor with him every possession he will get tired and will miss shots/get stolen by Durant. Once I got the lead I started carefully using my timeouts after OKC would score to eliminate their momentum and keep my guys stamina up (you have four of them, use them all!). Just play basketball....after you get up by 6/8 points they will start pressing which will make it easy to get quick buckets with James so that will help get his stats up. Continue full court pressing and ripping the ball as normal, I only put them at the line 3 times after I had taken the lead. Ended up winning 97-82 with James scoring 27 points 3 rebs 6 assists. The final tally looked like this. Win Margin 150 Team Stats 175 Lebron stats 225 The Comeback 225 Total 775 I believe you get more points the quicker you take and retain the lead, so if I had taken the lead even 30 seconds later I probably wouldn't have gotten it. I haven't 3 starred the Wizards comeback game yet but I assume it is similar. I came back and won on my first try in that game without a set strategy so I feel doing the same thing as the Thunder game should get me 750 points. Hit me up with any questions.
  4. lookin to get the crew achv msg if interested
  5. need all the co-op friendly and pro club achievements. if interested in boosting message me.
  6. looking to boost online GT StlrsRoc
  7. need the 20 win achv and one for all. GT is StlrsRoc
  8. need button masher, search and destroy, big pile wins. gt: StlrsRoc
  9. need online friendlies achievements. send me a msg
  10. all online achievements including crew games. msg me about a good time
  11. boosting wanted msg me for good times
  12. today is the LAST DAY to earn this achievement. Log on, click DAL-MIA, and play as many times as needed until achivement is earned. After today, this achivement will become unachievable.
  13. For those who do not know, this achievement will become unachievable after the finals are over. (which is about a month from now) Once the finals are over, there will be no more games, and I'm pretty sure that because of licensing issues, you will not be able to play "nba today" games once the new season starts in october. Edit: Finals games are on the following days Game 1: tuesday may 31 Game 2: thursday june 2 game 3: sunday june 5 game 4: tuesday june 7 game 5 (if necessary) : thursday june 9 game 6 (if necessary) : sunday june 12 game 7 (if necessary) : tuesday june 14 play 2k11 on one of these days. After june 14, this achievement will no longer be available
  14. Its 2 * 54 races = 108 races not 216 races. If you prepare ahead of time, you would be able to find a boosting buddy online here before you even start going for AWP. 108 races that are all 1 lap (with most of them being 1-2 min races) can easily be done in 10 hours with proper boosting. I myself would have saved many hours using this forum first before going towards AWP, I probably got the first 70 myself and then I ran across someone who was able to help out. The one problem with randomly running into someone online is that they may have 10 races left and you may have 70-80, so while you may get some races in, as soon as they are done they won't help you. Like I said 100 hours is the minimum time for completing the original 1000. Getting 100,000 in an hour is by no means impossible. Surely 50,000/hour is more realistic, but a solid team can get through a petrovic run in under 3 minutes every time. Granted, I am assuming no lags/freezes/disconnections/random rank 10 assholes, but 100,000 in an hour isn't completely out of reach. Obviously people who cannot play during low popularity hours and people with shit connections will not get the minimum time. That is true for any game, not just GTA IV. I myself took longer to complete because I enjoyed playing the game especially on singleplayer and spent countless hours messing around, just playing for fun. And keep in mind as described above by other posters that every game that has a 100 hour mark listed will take an absurdly long amount of time. On that note, ignoring the minimums and taking into account the realistic amount of time for completing this game, I would say 200 hours is a safe bet for all 1500, and i apologize for innacruacies in time that i posted in the road map quite some time ago.
  15. As the one who initially created the roadmap some long time ago, I realize the change in time to complete 1000 as well as 1500. For minimum times, completing the story in under 20 and 100% in under 40 is very doable. And for the multiplayer achivements, 10 hours for AWP (with boosting) and then 50 hours for Wanted (100,000 per hour/roughly a game completed every 3 mins, which is doable with the right people and right skill), the 1000 can be done in 100 hours. This, of course, is the minimum. Many would argue that 100,000 per hour consistently is impossible. If you get a group of 4 solid players and play during non-peak hours, it can be attainable. Add 5 hours to TLAD and 15 to TBGT and you have 120 hours for the whole 1500. Of course, very few will be able to achieve this in minimum time. Realistically, I would say most will be around the 200 hour level and possibly worse, with the most blame due to the incompetence of teammates in Hangmans Noose.
  16. need the two online achievements before servers close. gamertag is StlrsRoc. EDIT: completed both online achvs. thanks BEN60
  17. Alternatively, just start fighting. I got in 5 or 6 fights during one of my battle for the cup games, and one of my guys got hurt and then he scored. Ive had many more injuries this way in contrast to getting nailed agaisnt the boards and going down, which has only happened twice for me.
  18. need ot winner and top 50. send me a msg if can help.
  19. need AWP and Wanted msg if can help.........currently have 380000 and about 40 races done
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