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  1. Loading bugged that I can't into chapter or resume a checkpoint via play game. All is loading icon is complete than ask you gamertag sign in than put you back in main menu. So game is not let me access to continue game. WTF?!!!:mad:
  2. Now we in April 2019, are those cheat codes still working? I download game just now free from Gamepass. I like to know if cheat codes is working to get almost all achievements.
  3. I don't want friends to see me in Gamerscore leaderboard. So how to turn off? I don't like Gamerscore leaderboard.
  4. Also online service error when try through Ubisoft Club and Store in game or at main menu. Maybe that caused that problems? I m frustrating because I not want losing stuffs I bought stuffs using points in ACO Rewards scene in Ubisoft Club.
  5. I did hard reset and it seem bit fixed for launching game and Ubisoft Club seem a bit working properly but when I am in UC app and bought weapons there but when I start new game and show no Ubisoft Club weapons in Inventory? When will I able to use it or?
  6. I noticed my Ubisoft Club app is stuck with The Crew 2 BETA and I can't do anything in app in Xbox Home. But when I am in main menu of ACO and go to Ubisoft Club then it show up ACO in it but not at Xbox Home when click Ubisoft Club app. Weird. How to fix it? I want access home in Ubisoft Club but problems The Crew 2 BETA stuck in it so I can't access anything anymore. :/
  7. When I launching game then it said "Checking for Additional Content..." take long a while then put me in main menu and I try go to Ubisoft Club app and it not working as well Store so when I decide click New Game and it not working. (I owned game as disc version not digital download)
  8. Hi, I bought game as disc when it out on 14th September and avoid to play it because I found out lots of players got those glitched achievements. Is ok for me play now and if those achievements glitched on me but new update patch will fixed it and unlocked them without need to new playthrough to get them? I really want to play it but i just worry about those glitchy.
  9. It's not glitched. You just need to make sure you are in full night so once you about to night time and give it bit more time then you go destroy this stuff at night. I had unlocked it second time in night after first time failed is because I were at evening and it look very dark but it is because it's evening so make sure you are at night like midnight time. I know game not tell you but it is very trick. If dawn coming up a sec after night then your screwed and if you in evening before actually night then again your screwed. It is trick by wait like 10 mins into night (midnight really seem to be).
  10. You lost everything and start over from scratch new playthrough? I want play breeze and easy time not want like that if die many times until you lost and have to start new playthrough. This why I am ask question.
  11. I want to know because I don't have friends to play with since my friends have planned to play and coop as 4 player max. So I going play game solo but before I buy game I want to know play solo is easy or hard without coop and get all achievements using solo? More tips to tell me will be nice too.
  12. I went to Xbox Store just now and guess what? downloading not working after I clicked Install bar in that game at Xbox Store. It is said "Error - see details". Anyone wonder why?
  13. Does Low Rank quests and Low Rank event quest to get Gold mini and giant crowns? (There one Low Rank event quest with 2 monsters in special arena.)
  14. Love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. :) :) Best RPG game since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (I know this game is more of Action-Adventure but got heavy RPG elements in it so it is counts). I love takedown many big monsters. I am so happy defeated final boss's elder ice dragon. My new buddy from trueachievements helped me out to killed him off for me to get to post-game time!!! Your guide is awesome too as usuals. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  15. Edit: Done final boss thanks to my new buddy who helped me out from trueachievements. :)
  16. I few times had training order skills from warchests in Market and improved on any dominated orcs but achievement not want to unlock. Any idea why it is? Something wrong I made or glitched?
  17. It seem fixed now. Relieved but hopeful first achievement unlock will not fuck it up again. (which is I am bit nervous hehe ) It fixed in early evening.
  18. More then 2 days now. Still no fix. 😠😡😠 Want my achievements and Gamerscore back to normal. Do anyone have same problem with Gamerscore drop down and many games achievements went to 0%?
  19. Every time I unlock achievements i see no notification pop ups (include friends going online etc...), almost all my games in achievements list show 0% but when you click each games for achievements u can see all fine but not in main achievements list as they all show 0% as well Gamerscore isn't update properly until sign out and in and out and in repeats to fixes each time u unlock achievements. I am so fed up with achievements system at moment so much problem in between update and after. Edit: Everything seem fixed now.
  20. Also look at pics I took from mobile camera so you can see between xbox one and trueachievements.
  21. Problem is that LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game showing 99%, 990/1000G and 49/50 Achievements in Achievements on Profile on Xbox One, Xbox app on mobile and Xbox.com with all achievements unlocked. But Achievements progress track on Xbox One and Trueachievements showing 100%, 1000/1000G and 50/50 Achievements. This problem started yesterday morning around 2am (Sunday morning) something.
  22. I don't play or own Destiny but I thinking about Destiny 2. So should be ok to play whole game on solo in Destiny 2 to get all achievement?
  23. Few times recently this week and today I had few times each time I start launch Marvel Heroes Omega from Xbox One Home then Xbox One went off and restarting. So I had hard power button and hopeful fix issue but still remain issue after hard power button. I just wonder if my Xbox One start problem or maybe just this game that causing Xbox One restart itself? Do any one have similar issue?
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