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  1. Mods... please lock or delete this thread this poster has waisted alot of time for people!!!
  2. So... those who do not have a Kinect are gonna be screwed for the full 1000g's??? Seems abit unfair if so I can see all new games would be like this if this is the case!!
  3. I can confirm this, I did it after patch someone did it after clearing the cache for pre patch, this is bull
  4. Best of luck - please update us whatever the outcome !!
  5. DOES NOT WORK - Spent all day doing this and achievement did not unlock. This is after patch so I guess they fixed it. (20/11/10)
  6. Very cool why did no one think of thsi before? Anyway... 1 question as you enter the championship deciding race do you have to put autosave back on in the paddock BEFORE OR AFTER you go ahead AND WIN the championship deciding race?
  7. Awesome, thanks for info. Anyone else able to confirm this to?
  8. With the recent patch being released - does the exploit with being able to turn on driver aids (whilst on track) affect whether this particular achievement is unlocked or not at the end of the season... is this still possible to use this exploit to help/aid unlock this?
  9. 6. Swren2 - add me to friends list / message whenever ready to do it on live
  10. hey all. I am trying to get this 100% achievement, but I think I have somehow messed up some of the Bounty missions by killing the wrong people / failing the mission. Would a bounty mission that I fail / not complete respawn again? or is that it... I'd have to start an entire new game in order to get that specific mission completed in order to get the 100% completion? Thank for the tips!!
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