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  1. Hit me up for Back 4 Blood. Been trying to get Veteran knocked out, but I'll help with whatever.
  2. I don't have any of those, but welcome back! 😀
  3. Grinding Dauntless. I don't know why. For some reason I like the game despite it being so repetitive.
  4. New Matrix movie. Didn't really like it. 5.5/10
  5. Minecraft Dungeons...a bit random.
  6. Welcome! I have had long lurking periods too. Improvements to the site made me come out of hiding 😄
  7. GRINDING Dauntless now. Cool enough game, but the grind is real if you want all of the achievements.
  8. It was a nice KO. He's a decent boxer. Needs to fight some top tier people, not old MMA fighters.
  9. TV Shows Ted Lasso or The Witcher?
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