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  1. well, didnt' know that i needed to activate my account again through email thanks again and sorry for so many messages.

  2. No idea, you are the first person to have this issue.

  3. Some how a sig was put into my signature i have since then removed it but i didn't put it in there it happening for anyone else?

  4. USA network has finally announced May 1st has the return of InPlainSight for USA network and Law and Order CI for the same day http://tedontv.blogspot.com/2011/02/usa-network-launches-new-seasons-of-law.html I really can't wait for InPlainSight witch do you watch more of?
  5. I really like Alan Wake i already beat the single player and i finished the free DLC that came w/ the game and still need to finish up the last one before finishing up the achievements i've already started my hard mode run through of the original story and hope to see a second game.
  6. I hope it comes out too verizon soon, really wanted the windows phone 7 when it came out but, they choose providers that usually if not most of the time people say have bad connections like At&t.
  7. Congrates on the 100K i hope to get there but it may just be 50K this year
  8. Lots of games i want lol but mostly will get from gamefly Pokemon Black/White, The Last Guardian(PS3), Team ICO Collection(PS3) Uncharted Drake's Deception(Ps3) Gears of War 3, Dead Space 2, Portal 2, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Bulletstorm, All Mass Effects, Final Fantasy 13, Little Big Planet 2(PS3), Resistance 3, Prototype 2(360), and many others lol but not all of them that i want will be ps3 most i will get them for xbox360.
  9. yea,and really i don't know thats the only sig i could find that i wanted in it haha thanks

  10. Your gamertag shows up above the bolded "Signature", is that what you are asking about? Also, what is the point of advertising your PS3 trophies on an XBOX 360 forum?

  11. Hey, can you do me a favor and click on my about me area and see if you see my xbolive gamertag above my PSN name?

  12. Can i get this achievement and the other time achievements in the trial versions of the games or do i have to buy the full games in order to get them?
  13. Alright thanks for the help.
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