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  1. Just thought I'd put this info out for anyone who wanted it - it was such a pain trying to find a way to get this. The Australian Microsoft Store sells $10 Xbox gift cards with digital delivery. I checked out with my US Paypal account and just put the address of a McDonalds in Australia for the billing info. Went through. You will of course need an Australian Xbox account as well. http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/$10-Xbox-Digital-Gift-Card/productID.299580400
  2. I think your math is a little off. 500 games is going to take 25 hours.
  3. I don't think the achievements are the glitchy part. Save/load is. When you save/load it sets the difficulty back to Easy so you can't get the asphyxiation scene. The bedroom scene is sometimes the first scene, so just keep starting a new game on hard until you get it. Perfect score is going to be a bit tougher.
  4. Somehow I missed the posts in the guide thread that had this information already.
  5. Anyone you could recommend? I'm way too impatient to build up 1600 Bing points.
  6. Have you tried it on a Japanese account? I just bought an 800 and that's producing the same error 8016A04B as the 400 was. Google tells me that's a problem with regional compatibility.
  7. Do any of the Amazon point codes work on Japanese accounts? I can't find it now but I thought I read somewhere on this forum that the 400 point codes work. I bought one last night and it did not.
  8. How did you pay for the Toshiba version? My credit card isn't showing up when I switch regions, so I added my Paypal and that isn't available either. EDIT: Never mind. I had to add my Paypal again once I changed the region.
  9. According to the dashboard it's part of a Microsoft Studios sale. I would check it myself but I'm on my Win7 partition. Full list: Zombies!!! $2.99 4 Elements II $1.49 Rocket Riot 3D $2.99 Royal Envoy 2 $1.99 Hydro Thunder Hurricane $4.99 Ilomilo+ $2.99
  10. For those of you that haven't noticed the "Games on Demand/No VPN" thread, Sleeping Dogs is on sale for 400 MSP in Hungary (region-free) and the German stack is 1280 (requires PAL box) Normal: http://marketplace.xbox.com/hu-hu/Pr...811?nosplash=1 Germany: http://marketplace.xbox.com/de-DE/Pr...5-d80253510819 Regarding DLC, is the German version just not receiving it? I see the normal and Japan versions have 1225 but the German is still 1000. The DLC doesn't seem to be on the marketplace either.
  11. Oh sorry, I actually meant to say something but I got caught up in the guy who can't Google system specs. Here's a thread with some possible fixes. I can't verify them because I keep Win 8 on a 30 gig partition where it belongs and I play everything on Win 7. http://steamcommunity.com/app/209120/discussions/0/864949719215315333/ You also could have Googled this, to be fair. [url=http://steamcommunity.com/app/209120/discussions/0/864949719215315333/][/url]
  12. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=grand+theft+auto+4+system+requirements
  13. Credit to XavierBK, he posted this over on TA. If you have the exact amount of money needed to purchase a car the game won't actually take your money. So if you save your money to $400000 you can pretty much buy everything. You still have to earn a million coins for the Fat Wallet achievement but this cuts 2/3 of play time. The way to line up the exact amount is buying paint schemes for $2500 and picking up coins in the stunt park ($10 each, $500 for the blue ones).
  14. Interesting. Does that apply to those games? I see multiple people from the US completed Case West KOR a couple months ago - link. Or is this a more recent development?
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