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  1. I need help with realm of stinkers the first level. I have gotten all the way through and went to the stinky pool but it didn't finish that level. Am i supposed to do something with the slugs? Please help me get through the level so I can go on with the game.
  2. It's very frustrating because you do everything your supposed to and then the level doesn't end. Please some one help!!!
  3. I'm having trouble on level 26 Enter Eekin. I have gotten to the point were you are supposed to jump in the stinky pool and not go into the clean pool. I have done that over and over again. What am I missing? Please help!!
  4. Thank you very much!
  5. I am stuck on Level 26 Enter Eekin at the point were you are supposed to get stinky. I go into the stinky water pool and climb back up not going into the clear pool and it doesn't do anything. What am I missing?? Thank you in advance for helping me.
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