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  1. MrSonner


    Such a great RPG, dying breed good to know this game exists.
  2. Family fun, great questions, and achievements that are not impossible to get. Great.
  3. was purchased at Target for 5 $'s and i played it for about 2 hours until i realized how dam hard it was and how stupid i truly am. Thank the lord for used VG stores.
  4. just wanted to say that the ranked matches for this game are horrible, why? Because anyone ranked will leave before losing and they don't get penalized for it. Pathetic, so is there any way to actually get ranked if i keep getting people who drop?
  5. Is there a particular level its easier to destroy 2 ships with one bomb so i an get that achievement?
  6. my favorite call of duty, the first ive played and am currently going back through.
  7. have i loved a silent hill more and the fact its closer to the stlye and same general creepyness. Love it and hope no other SH turns out like shattered memories.
  8. I recently purchased a new tv. an Element to be exact and this is a warning that the tv's are junk. it stopped performing properly after about...6 minutes. I took it back and replaced it with a Samsung 50" tv and have never looked back. The point is never buy off brand to save 150 bucks. or just never buy an Element
  9. I can only make it to the 19 flag on endless survival. I consider my self to be good at the game then i play endless and all i want is that last achievement. Any tips at all to get to at least 40 or any ideas to help me. I just got the 9th slot and that helped, but should I get the 10th?
  10. new to the site not to gaming and devoting my life to it....sigh.
  11. MrSonner

    New Slim

    Is there a way to connect the old hard drives to the new slim Xbox 360's?
  12. I got it when i got my Neo-GEO POCKET COLOR and i had never heard of it. it was 5 bucks and i feel like i got the good end of the deal, because it became my fav game. and then i started buying it for every platfrom i could.
  13. just need the "blue space ship" cant find it and ive made it to level 33. what am i doing wrong
  14. ...my last name is Sonner, Mr Sonner is my gamer tag...im so uninteresting!!!
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