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  1. Im incredibly bad, Im now in Act1 Chapter 7 and I somehow managed to miss this achievement: http://i.imgur.com/s95DFja.png This game is really broken, when it even fails to unlock such a simple achievement. Had to replay the level again.
  2. Just went through the cycle again today and for the second time Rooftops were the 19th map in the cycle. Got kicked again because I lost connection to Xbox Live. This time I was playing with my friends and we all got this message and got kicked from the map. What are the chances that you need to win on 1 map from 19 and when you play it will be the last one in the cycle twice in row and there will be twice a problem when playing on it? So take 19 maps, what are the chances that Rooftops will be last? Now take that twice in row. I have 168 games and got kicked 4 times from a game because of some problem. Take this into consideration too. Whats the resulting probability of this happening? I guess I was either extremely extremely extremely unlucky, or it happened on purpose, which makes this game pathetic.
  3. This achievement is just impossible to get. Im getting more and more sure I will get Seriously sooner than Around the world. Im on 1k kills and need one win on Rooftops. Played 4 times on it, 3 times lost normally, once got butt * by the game as I apparently lost Xbox live connection and got kicked from a sure win on this map. Was able to talk in a party no problem. Decided to give the entire map cycle a go. There are 19 maps, played on 17, not on Rooftops ofc, now Im in the lobby alone and the game wont fill the spots so I have to leave it. So obviously Rooftops is the 19th map, the last one. Im stuck in the lobby for 20 minutes with no other players. This game is pathetic.
  4. I usually dont have time to play more than 4 games in row. So I guess because of this Im stuck with Gridlock, Fuel Depot and two more maps. Everytime I play 4 maps, its always these two. I just dont understand why some maps come more often than others. Seems incredibly stupid, but maybe not as stupid as a first party game not using the achievement tracker. EDIT: So I stayed for 10 games in row and 2 maps came twice.
  5. Went with the disc version. Wanted to be able to trade it and Im very close to doing it as I hate the game.
  6. No, played equal ammount of matches of KOTH, TDM and Assassination. Just tried 10 searches in each game type and havent found any of these maps, they are simply not in my game.
  7. So many cretins AFK ruining the game. The hit detection is bad. Team balancing is beyond horrible. Frequent online server error. No map cycle. And also looks like I have a faulty game with missing maps. After 55 games I still havent played a single match on Bullet Marsh, Raven Down, Rooftops, Courtyard, Escalation and Process. I think these maps should be in the game, is it true? Really struggling to find something good besides the graphics. :disappointed:
  8. Same. Just got Raven Down after 23 rounds of TDM and we lost 1-28. The matchmaking is beyond horrible.
  9. Agreed, I have never played a worse racing game on console. Never. If I was to rate it its 7/10 for the cop part and 0/10 for the racer part. Shame Toyota Prius isnt in the game as that would add the extra fun element the game is missing. Would be funny to be driving Aventador at top speed while being overtaken by Prius with just 1/2 throttle.
  10. Agreed, total joke. Pretty much the only reason I found why are checkpoints in the game is to annoy the fuck out of me. 10 minutes mission no checkpoint? Should have left the game untouched without any checkpoint, this only makes me angry and I turn off the game as soon as I find out theres no checkpoint in the mission.
  11. Absolutely impossible to play. Worst multiplayer balancing ever, also first ever game where I saw a team deadmatch end with 0-40 score. I mean wtf? There are tons of junkies with max level and how this game works? You want to kill him, you press the melee kill, but hes on 56th level, so the game give him 10 second to kill you first. This is the last Splinter Cell game Ive played, disgusting game.
  12. I refuse to buy games that have a paid DLC out already before the release of the game. I mean, wtf?
  13. This game freezes every 20 minutes for me, everytime I press the "Back" button when in a multiplayer game it completely freezes and I have to dashboard. Not surprised its free.
  14. Overrun is really terrible game mode, its insanely hard to do something against tickers and you have no granades to fight the tough 5 years old kids that are hiding the whole game and only throwing granades. On the other hand the turret is the by far the worst feature this year, whole team takes the repair guy and take turns in placing turrets without shooting a single bullet and its nearly impossible for Locust to win.
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