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  1. is anyone playing RTPs and want to boost the tournaments, I'm in the 4th seed right now and climbing
  2. I'm looking for someone to boost these coins everynight, if you want we can do it from 8-12pm westcoast time. Hit me up on XB1 - PhxSuns1Fan
  3. I know you need to have the majority if not all Gold players to get Diamond Lebron, but something tells me you need every card available to get Diamond Melo. I was thinking you need to complete the Legend Cards to get Diamond Jordan! I need 14 yerseys and one all star court and I'll be done with all of the 13-14 roster. If anyone can post the picture of the specialty jerseys that would help cause I need like 5 I don't know what they are, or the Christmas jerseys too. I am 7 players away from the current available historic players so I'm super close. Out of cash time to grind!!!
  4. It popped!!!! I HAD TO DO ALOT!!! Here is what I did, also it popped as soon as I met the goal. 1. Remove your profile from the console 2. Uninstall NBA2K14 3. Hold the power button on the console until it shuts off then unplug the power cord for 30 seconds 4. Once console is restarted download your profile 5. Disconnect from your internet by going into settings>network 6. Install NBA2K14 7. Reconnect to internet and start game to download the update 8. TRy to unlock achievement(I started a new save file so I don't know if you have to but that's what I did) 63 games in Jordan challenged me to score 30, once I scored 30 on and-one play Achievement popped!! Also before the goal kept saying Make NBA history, but once I did all that it said make Team history! Don't know if that means anything, but hey I got it to pop!!!! Sirgizzle can you add this to help people it wont let me post lom
  5. So I just got done collecting all the 13-14 NBA roster. And I can confirm you only need the players to get the Colect them All achievement. You also get a Diamond Lebron James for collecting all of the Gold Players.
  6. can anyone help!!! I've done Assist Steals Points and haven't got the achievement!!! its killing me!!! please help me, the social media will show up, then the coach will tell me to shut him up. Then I see the check mark. At the end I see the reward but I don't get the achievement.
  7. I've also heard you get a Diamond player for completing the 13-14 set!!
  8. They have also patched MyTeam, I got Martin last night after 37 hawks packs lol
  9. yes but you never stated that you have Martin on the hawks, and yes you completed the historic hawks. But you most likely did it when you can buy just the pack and not thru the series pack. the series pack is broken I think
  10. So I've been busting my butt and collecting asuch MT coins as I can. So far I've earned over 4millions and spent over $200 cash on VC!!!! I have no luck collecting one player on the hawks. #20 Cartier Martin(Bronze) I have bought each bronze packs and team packs . have no luck getting him. I have bought easly 50 packs! The weird thing is the series one historic pack I can get the 86' Hawks either. I'm wondering if as a reward for completing the 13-14 hawks you get a 86' player and the link is broken or a player is missing. Or maybe 2k hasn't released him. But I'm not the only one. I HAVE other friends that have spent just as much has I and they don't have it!!! It took me over 500k to complete Miami lol. This is just stupid if you can't get them. Also I have heard that you get a Diamond Lebron for completing 13-14 cards, and a Diamond Jordan for completing the legend cards!!!
  11. Im looking for people that have extra controllers that want to boost the Vehicle and some of the weapons Commendations. Also we can work on Flood Game type too. If I can find 4 people with 4 controllers it would be perfect. But anyone willing to do this would be great. Send me a message on xbl (PhxSuns1Fan), im on everyday. Thanks
  12. hello, I got the free silver and gold packs. I redeem them but how do I get the cards in my collection?? I don't see any new cards? PhxSuns1Fan is online now Report Post
  13. hello, I got the free silver and gold packs. I redeem them but how do I get the cards in my collection?? I don't see any new cards?
  14. Same boat bud, played it like 20 time. I ended up get 2 stars, but they never miss. If you can get Russell to foul out I think you can manage 3 stars. I got him to foul out at 5mins left and went on a 22-4 run and won by 16. Russell is the key. He destroys everyone lol. And since when does ibaka play like lebron lol. I think its on the hardest difficultly
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