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  1. The only achievements I have left are Global Warfighters, Warchief, and Jack of all guns. I am level 73 with 71/72 soldiers unlocked. And the one remaining is NOT the SOG guy. I need to rank up one more time to get the last guy. Does anyone know a method to get Global Warfighters achievement though?
  2. Such as, Sector Control, Objective Raid, Hot Zone, Combat Mission, or the always creative "Team Death-match"?
  3. Animal Mother has endorsed this response.
  4. So today they formally announced the releasing of Medal of Honor: Warfighter; slated for this October. Personally I love Sector Control and still play on my brothers account, I just may renew my gold. But enough about me, back to the point. The MP will be done by Danger Close this time, not Dice; and will run Frostbite 2 just like BF3. What do you hope Danger Close can achieve that DICE couldn't in the MP? And/or What do you hope they don't change from the first one? SP or MP. Articulate now.
  5. Thinking about buying it, just wanted to know if the online is still active.
  6. Just wanted to say due to torpid games released in the past year or so, I haven't renewed my gold subscription since. I'm here to say, I'm not ever. Due to the releases of: Black Ops, Reach, BF3, MW3, Need for Speed (copy's) Gears 3, Mass Effect, other generic shooters, nothing I like, either I played or not. No Exclusives, (yeah I have hopes for Halo, not.) And we'll get another Black Ops in November. Woopee. There's is not enough games like LA Noire to keep me interested; certainly for online purposes. Maybe Ps4 will be nice, better community, games like SOCOM. I will be buying back a Nintendo Gamecube from Amazon a long with Pikmin and Pikmin 2, since it was their last good system. Heck I hooked up Ocarina of Time on my N64 and had fun. I may buy back Donkey Kong 64, and other Cube games. I haven't enjoyed XBL since Cod4 and Halo3, and it's apparent it will stay that way. I just wanted people to hear my story. So maybe when others wise up you'll do the same. Have a nice day.
  7. the guide said you had to be creative when connecting the things; is it a missable achievement? It sounds like you could waste your things and then never connect it.. could someone please clarify this before I start the game.
  8. EVERY game I join were losing be like 15points in TDM almost always at-least 1. The game is set up where teams are perfect even player count and makes it where you join randomly you join usually a guy who quit b/c his team is losing. If you don't play with clans, the game punished you, and I play for fun, or at-least attempt to. Just stuff like that is why the game is so hardcore. I always switch teams before I spawn because it is pre-ordained, I know we will be losing, it's a joke really.
  9. Does anyone know what pieces go for it, I need that and Western Customizer. Would some of his pieces be near the house? I got the chess pieces, the secret door in the house? Is there one I could have missed in the house? Or just somewhere in general his pieces would be. A list of the Sid Haunted pieces would be nice if someone can link me to it. update: got it. please delete.
  10. I got the instructions for digging and everything, and found the x crossbones, but it won't let me dig in that spot, any idea why? Update: it is a glitch. Moderator, please delete.
  11. I think it's safe to say if the MW3 servers were shut down, and no one could host games, it will bring your social life to a halt. You amuse me. HAHAHA.[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ff46b58Hk]Goodfellas:"Funny, How?" Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  12. worst music in any game EA ALWAYS has bad music, rap and screamo rock.
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