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  1. i have tried everything. This is my first goal so don't have any other sim
  2. i have 7 days to get the last 3 achievements which is ranks. Looking for help to boost these in this time. Im online now and for the next 2 days from 7 in the evening (gmt london). Send me a message and i can help you as well. Gt:CATSBUM2010
  3. all the dog does is stand still near the post box thing, and im just doing the wee wee dance. Its starting annoy me, as its stopping me from playing it
  4. everyone is looking at this page, can someone who has done this help me out please
  5. i cant shake the dog hand. Everytime i tap him, it keeps coming up with renaming it. Also plus my sim is doing the pee wee dance. Another thing the dog is outside and my sim is inside the house. Any help will be appreciated as i keep uninstalling the game and installing it
  6. If anyone still plays this. If so add me and send me a message online. Gt:CATSBUM2010
  7. If anyone is still playing this game send a friend request and a message please. Gt:catsbum2010. Thank you in advance
  8. I have added everyone on here to my gl friends list
  9. Looking for someone to boost the online achievements. I'm from the UK, so if anyone else is and want to boost, send me a friend request and message. Gt:CATSBUM2010
  10. i did the time glitch today and kept playing scrats game each time and got all the acorns that i needed to do the leopard family. Put the day back to today, then put an egg on, fast forward 2 days, hatched the egg. Put the day back today again and then put the last egg on. Now got to wait for it to hatch in 30hrs and get the achievement for the 4 legged collection
  11. i cant even get on to game loft live at all. Does that stop people from adding me or accept them as friends? As i don't want people to add me and it wont work also can i ask that 12 people add me so i can complete one of these stupid tasks things as i need 25 friends and i have 13 already. Thank you in advance
  12. i am having trouble adding people. If people can add me that will great. My gameloft name is catsbum2010. Thank you in advance
  13. if anyone else is playing this add me. Gt is catsbum2010. Send me a private message as well as a friend request. Willing to help anyone out who helps me
  14. i have got a 5 star village, however the achievement is not popping up in game or my list. All it is doing is flashing on and off my screen. What can i do as i don't want to delete the game or reinstall it
  15. Looking to do online. Add me if you want to boost
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