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  1. I (stupidly) gave my best soldier the Medal you only get 1 of because I was going to use him as the volunteer (not knowing he had to have Psi powers). Now he doesn't qualify for "a gift". Are Psi powers random? Can I just keep reloading my saves until he is accepted? I think it has something to do with Will and his is 71 or 72. Is that too low? UPDATE: I tried reloading my save that was made WHILE he was in testing and had no luck, so I reloaded one from BEFORE I put him in and he was gifted that time. Dodged a bullet.
  2. I bought the game during the Steam Christmas sale for some easy points and I people talking about how to make Very Hard mode actually Very Easy. I can;t find anything online about it. Is anyone familiar with the Method?
  3. For "One with the Shadows", do I have to have finished the Thieves Guild main quest line?
  4. This worked for me. I was waiting till Batman was in the air. But you gotta do it immediately after double tapping A.
  5. Do these medals only progress in Versus multiplayer? My active reloads in Horde or Arcade don't progress the Active Reloader medal?
  6. Is it just me, or do medals only progress in VERSUS multiplayer? Not Horde or Arcade?
  7. Sounds more like "This game is too hard. Enemies have A.I., it doesn't hold my hand through everything. This game therefore, sucks."
  8. I think it was hinted at cause Potato Glados was saying how she knew Cave and recognized the name Caroline. But yeah, they never straight out said it was her.
  9. "Friends List with Benefits" seems to only work Online. I hugged my 1 friend I played with earlier online, and then a couple silver accounts I have on my system in split screen and it didn't work.
  10. I used my Scorpion EB code and I unlocked Smoke's alt costume from the Krypt and then went to the Necro place to unlock, but it doesn't give me the option to select a costume at the character select screen. What do I have to do?
  11. Are you sure? I never see any score pop up for anyone else but me.
  12. I think YOU have to get the killing blow. I just tried doing it a few times but nothing popped until I killed a blue guy with the yellow weapon. You'll know YOU get the kill because a score will pop up near the enemy (it was around 2000 points for me).
  13. That a worthy tattoo. Got me awfully tempted now.
  14. I was disappointed with it. I played 2 episodes and had nothing but AI table mates. And I don't like the concept of earning XP instead of chips. There's no time to play REAL cards. I'd rather just play a 30 person tourney. OP summed it up really well. There's no skill and just implemented poorly.
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