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  1. Looking to grind out the Horde maps (I've only done River & Blood Drive, and Blood Drive isn't quite registering correctly), and the guys I've done the other multiplayer stuff with via TA have much better schedules and are closer to being done... Get ahold of me on live or TA more easily, WestsideSxE - weeknights I don't get on til 00:30GMT (8:30EST) due to a crap work schedule and 60-90min public transport commute, but weekends tend to be clear
  2. Play-Asia has it for $17us currently (http://www.play-asia.com/brink-paOS-13-49-en-70-480h.html) and says it's NTSC-J coded, was just hoping someone could confirm if it was the Japanese "version" before ordering a copy, thx =D
  3. Anyone still playing this pile of crap? Finally opened it up and installed a few weeks back, and just found out the hard way you can't solo boost with one copy (and amazon.de won't sell me another despite shipping the first to the US no problem haha)
  4. Has anyone found a level to shrink a helicopter for "Does this make me look fat?" yet without having the console game?
  5. Worst ones I've encountered are Iron Brigade (original 360 version was kind of flakey for me too, go figure) and Virtua Tennis 4 - even wiped all saves/etc and the Rocket Serve one will not stay unlocked, bleh
  6. Turn the film grain option off in the video settings. Brings the framerate back up to non-vomit inducing levels, whee
  7. was stuck on 60/61 for a few days myself - audited it 3x with the giant list and still was at a loss. Finally ran across this checklist - http://nfs.gu3.st/ - it's missing the Panamera and only has 5 races listed per car. Filled it out anyway, was left with 5 races. Re-did them with different cars from that short list, and of course #5 popped the achievement (whatever the Camero nitrous race was)
  8. Yeah wrapped this one up about 20 mins ago. If you have 5 artifacts already, ALL of them stop flashing. The tryke must have been my 5th the first run thru that area, argh... (Traffic light is outside on a plank against a wall, at the bottom of the long ramp window exit from the library, leading back to the initial set of underground entrances)
  9. The 'only 5 artifacts at a time' bit was killing me... I'm down to 3 now - a traffic light (I'm guessing outside somewhere where your testes are burnt off by radiation), a 'bundle of books', and 'weapon parts' - the latter 2 apparently somewhere closer to the beginning. The metro map is in the same spot as it was in Metro 2033 - when you turn it in it ends the game when you go to the save/rest spot, so keep that in mind whilst scavenging...
  10. There's a really slim outside chance if you made a Jpn account and had Jpn points in it...
  11. Did anyone manage to save the demo? Curious if it could be bought manually via the demo still...
  12. Where in Opportunity, out of curiosity? I can't even get the Jet or Loot midget to spawn solo in Wildlife anymore, and his ass is literally the last thing I need for the all Lv1 challenge achievement
  13. sumbish, it was Southern Shelf Bay. I dicked around on that side area on my brother's playthru but it apparently didn't map into my save, bah... thanks guise
  14. I've also seen it "confirmed" that it is not needed - I went in anyway just to be safe the other day...
  15. 5.4% here - I wonder what the variance is, and if it goes up with your level, etc. - nabbing a 10-15% one with a lv50 and throwing it in the claptrap locker for a new character playthru would be appealing haha
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