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  1. Salmaniak did your retail copy arrive? What was the outcome? I'm interested in this too since I have 760 of the GOTY edition unlocked and never got to 100% it and it is so annoying!!!
  2. First thanks to madonex4 for helping me get a bunch of the relics, cheers again. I'm looking for 3 more. I do have them written down but I'm making this post while I think of it and don't have access to what they are right this second so will update the post when I get home. OFC I'm willing to pass anyone that can complete my set the all 50+ of the relics back as I won't be needing them since this is the last achievement I need for the game. My gamertag is Texticle send me a friend request on XBL mentioning Charlie Murder and we can trade off this achievement. Thanks
  3. Im gonna check the leader boards for the MCR Famous last words tonight and X stream (expert, hard) because I have a funny feeling that it might be just about possible on those two songs. But we're talking 100% and using star power very stratigicly.
  4. Yeah MCR Pack. But I got the 400K on hard 416K to be exact but that is hitting 99% it think. It is also an easy song to do 1000 streak on too. I got that on medium (1039 notes) it is tight yeah but it is very possible and relaxed to get the 1000.
  5. count me in for sure. o24K ALLoY20o
  6. I will help you out later with the two player if you can join up in a bigger 3+ game.
  7. Anyone interested in getting as many challenges done in burnout as possible send me a friend request I will be hosting freeburn challenge focused matches all tomorrow from about 1:00pm GMT. I already have 2 people not including myself. Been trying to do challenges today but there is always one guy who sucks too much or one guy who just wont do them. Anyone like this will be kicked so the game goes along smoother for everyone else. If there is a particular challenge you need then thats cool when we have the right amount of people I will skip to it as long as you are gonna stay around at least for a little bit to help everyone else. Gamertag o24K ALLoY20o
  8. Here is a couple more tips I have thought of. When I finally did it I dont think that I ever aimed down my sight apart from the second guy (the one after bathroom guy). I always fired in bursts from the hip, even with the pistol. Also keep this in your head. YOU ARE SUPERMAN! If you play scared you die you have to play like a frikkin maniac who thinks that he is bullet proof. That said dont play stupid for example running into a room blinded with a totally red screen.
  9. Best way to deal with the bath room guy: As soon as you start the level sprint! as you pass the bathroom turn towards the guy and shoot him with a single bullet from your main weapon then run on. Your team finishes him off. Works everytime as long as you dont miss plus it is the fastest and safest way to get by him. Seems a small thing but it can buy you 2-3 seconds on your time later.
  10. ALLoY20

    Race 30

    I have. You just gotta learn which speed of web zip to use for each chimney. THen when your're close tap A to pop up the jump so you can be accurate with it.
  11. Thanks for that. The Dragon Tail hideout part was the last part I needed for that achievement.
  12. Yeah, but that puts you into a barrel roll that is hard to recover from to make the flips.
  13. I have gotten all gold up to about race 14 or 15 now. Here is what I think you are doing wrong. Are you doing the races by swinging? Because if you are then yes it is impossible to do them that way, what you need to do to get gold is use the accellerated web zip (tap RT then tap LT). Get used to moving around like this as it is a lot faster. Use this method to reach each checkpoint then only do the required action through the checkpoint. Hope this helps.
  14. I have only gotten one out of 17 hours of play. There is no way that these are just random I am sure I have to be somewhere but Im not sure where. Any help?
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