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    Proud father of 3 daughters!
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    Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
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    The 360 of course!
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  1. Howdy Duizendjes, just letting you know you have been accepted as XBA member 121 to hit 200,000GS. Many congratulations, and check yourself out forever enshrined in history HERE.

  2. Sounds good. Gonna make a first play tonight! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Selling the rare Russian version of the stackable Mafia 2 game. Game comes with all DLC on disc. Game is playable on european consoles. http://www.ebay.nl/itm/251550605959?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. So 1000 GS can be done offline with couch co-op? Would be nice!
  5. Killer list! Been helping me for quite some time. But…. there is one thing I could not figure out. On this list I noticed Fear 3, but when I click on the link to the Roadmap, I see there is an online achievement. What to believe?
  6. I think those 2 achievements might even be done in offline racing! On a couch!
  7. Thanks. I have a friend to play games with who is not online, we thought we could do this with 4 friends together...
  8. Which is the online achievement? I thought they were all offline. Does anyone know?
  9. Thanks a lot guys! That video is nice, I will pick up this game knowing this information. Thanks again!
  10. My internet sucks, is it possible to get 100% offline, couch co-op?
  11. Thanks for your quick response! I will buy this then. Cheers!
  12. My internet sucks major, I hope therefore that this game can also be completed with offline co-op. Hope you guys can help out! Thanks
  13. Thanks. Now I know I have to order another copy. Cheers.
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