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  1. How do you reset your save and start over? I had already played it on my Windows phone and was past level 25 and now I cannot figure out how to start over. I can find no way to start a new game. Even tried loading the game on a new computer and it automatically brought in my save from the cloud.
  2. I started this app yesterday and have watched a total of 50 videos and the percentage bar for this achievement (and the watch 10 per day) has not increased. Is this glitchy or is there a special trick to it?
  3. How do you start a new game from scratch? I missed the level 25 achievement on Win 8 because I was already level 50 on my phone. I do not see anyway to reset my profile and start over. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it still put me back on level 50.
  4. I've been having the same problem for about a week. I cannot connect to the servers on either my phone or WIN8. I hope they did not shut them down permanently because I was only 100 gems away from the last achievement and I have been playing this game every day for like a year to collect gems!! BTW, if the servers do go back up and you want someone to send you gems, send me a friend request - "Panthera onca" on xbox.
  5. I am having the same issue. According to the game, I have unlocked 6 Xbox achievements. However, xbox.com and my gamercard only show that I have 3 of the achievements. The 3 that are not showing were unlocked yesterday. Hopefully they will get updated at some point.
  6. I actually like having an oddball Gamerscore. Makes it more unique. Tons of people have Gamerscore ending in '0' and '5', but not that many have one ending in a '2' or a '7'. What I find funny is that it seems like when developers do this, they make one achievement really easy to get and the other one (to bring it back to a multiple of 5) nearly impossible. LOL
  7. The time to get 200 is infinite because the two collection achievements are glitched and no longer unlock.
  8. Did they adjust the XP in this game? I was using the wagon wheel flying disc and was getting about 11,500 XP per catch (in free play). Now all of a sudden, I am only getting 7776 XP per catch. As far as I can tell, everything is the same. I am using the same pet with the same collar and pendant. My level and pet stats are the same as when I played a few days ago as well.
  9. I had the same problem with Ballerina. After you do the arc, you have to go to the left, back to the right and THEN back to the left again. If you do that, you should get it every time. I must have tried that move 100 times before I figured that out!
  10. Finally!! After 6 months of playing this game almost every day (due to two resets), I finally got the Eradicator achievement! I rue the day I installed this game on my phone!
  11. It's glitched. There are issues that cause the Eradicator progress to be reset. I know that some of the past updates to the game caused this to happen. Also, on my phone I was playing the game and my phone froze and I had to do a soft-reset of the phone. When I went back into the game, my Eradicator progress had reset. I used to always leave this game running on my phone and just let my phone go into sleep mode. Now, I always exit out of the game when I am done playing (to minimize the chance of the phone locking up while the game is running). So far, my progress is slowing going back up.
  12. There is a non-Xbox achievement for line clears in the game. That achievement is currently showing that I have over 140,000 line clears and I still do not have the Eradicator achievement, as it has reset on me twice. I contacted EA about this and I received an e-mail from them stating that they were aware there was a glitch with the Eradicator achievement, but it is not something that is fixable.
  13. Is it possible to update this guide to list the issue with the Eradicator achievement? I've been keeping track of my line clears and I have approximately 140,000 line clears and still no achievement. My Eradicator progress bar has reset two different times. Last night it was approximately 80% complete and today it is back down to zero. I've seen others on this board and other boards posting about this as well.
  14. Same here. After dozens and dozens of tries of all these flying races I still can't even make it through the 3rd or 4th ring in any of them! The flying controls for this game are simply broken. I have no ability to control my altitude while the character is moving forward. If I try, my character usually does a 90 degree nose dive straight down or straight up. The only way I can make it through to the 3rd or 4th ring is to come to a complete stop in front of each ring and the raise or lower my height and then move forward again, but by that time, you run out of time. I don't think I have ever been so frustrated with a game in my life!!
  15. I started playing this game last week and I ALWAYS go last 100% of the time. I use wi-fi and I have a business connection in my home because I work from home and it is a very solid and fast internet connection, so I don't think that is the issue. About 30% of the time I get kicked out of the game when it starts with a message that the game is not available and there was a network error. Don't think it is on my end.
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