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  1. I am looking to get a ctf kill with flag and 5 kills with air vehicle in gulf. tag = soulreaper i337 Thanks B A R 4 D, Chaotic Chelly, A Magic Puffin, Alexx Imassacre, and for the help with the jet and ucav kills
  2. I am still up for the china rising all assignment achievement and the 2 second assault achievements I need (ctf kill and 5 air kills in gulf) GT = Soulreaper i337
  3. looking to do Falling Down, Risky business, Dirty Job, and Blind Bomber for Second assault tag = soulreaper i337
  4. all I have left to do for china rising is new superpower would love help getting the challenges down for the achievement and of course will help others get theirs along the way to this achievement tag = soulreaper i337
  5. I have enjoyed xbox since halo, created a account with my 360 and played it to death, but now with xbox one I think I have had too many problems. I had a DOA Kinect so I had to return it to gamestop to get another, and now I am returning my xbox one to gamestop tomorrow because my stupid xbox one wont read any discs. When you launch a console it should not have problems with in the first 90 days of play for anyone. After my warranty is up and my xbox breaks without coverage I am just tossing it and giving up on xbox (I already gave up on Nintendo and I am nearly there with sony also).
  6. sweet ill load up Battlefield and Ghosts for a quick 2k and then enjoy Battlefield and Dead rising the rest of the week.
  7. I would like to do all the extinction achievements I already have relic capabilities and I have everything for coordinating load outs. I will be on today (Friday) through Monday most of the time. I have a mic and will stay and help those who helped me even after I get my stuff. tag = soulreaper i337
  8. I have had multiple problems these are just from the last 3 hours: Server crashing Game freezing Reverting game progress Level reset Random singleplayer achievements unlocking when loading up a game Singleplayer game save corrupted So I am giving up on the game until a patch fixes half of that. In my opinion this is even worse than Defiance for bugs and glitches.
  9. I keep having my level revert after every game, so I am really pissed this game is worse than defiance or arkham origins for bugs from my perspective. When I played defiance at launch I still progressed even with all the glitches, bugs, and problems; and as I still play arkham origins I just turn off and turn back on my xbox to fix the freezing problem. Dice has lost my day one purchases because of this game. Next battlefield, battlefront, or whatever game comes out I wont get until after I here about the bugs in the game,
  10. I am up for boosting those 4 achievements out of the way so I can enjoy the multiplayer tag = soulreaper i337
  11. I had mine freeze in multiplayer a few minutes ago while we trying to go for a boosting session
  12. Thanks guys for the Achievement help I only have the 3 level ones left now.
  13. Hey, I'm down to play. I get my copy today in the mail and want to get the online portion done first! I'll send you a message/fr on xbox live. Hopefully we get a full party to play at that time! 1- The AuD Doc 2- Darkfoot Fox 3-Soulreaper i337 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- Need all of the online achievements myself
  14. You rock this will make my achievement run through much easier
  15. Honesty every reviewer seems to compare it to much to its predecessors to take the time to enjoy this game on its own.
  16. Looking forward to playing this in 13 hours when I pick it up, and i am up for some multiplayer right away BiggD if you still need more players.
  17. beyond is my favorite suit if they have that I will be pleased
  18. Honestly I like what little I have played so far, I am only 10 minutes into the game though. I like zombie games and I like diablo-esque games, so this game has what I like to begin with. Honestly 15 bucks isn't so bad I spent 20 on state of decay and I enjoyed it for a week, if this game can give me a few days of enjoyment also then it is worth more money then some recent AAA titles I have played.
  19. I hope I can get normal when I do Ironman, horror and zombie games are only fun with permadeath modes on.
  20. Would love some help leveling up Tag = soulreaper i337 character Gaige Level 50 Have all DLC that matter (season pass plus ultimate 2) I have a mic also
  21. Looking to get those achievements out of the way so I can enjoy the game. Tag = Soulreaper i337 Note - Ill be on most of the time except for Tuesdays and Thursday 6 - 9:30 Central time
  22. The barnes&noble book store I went to yesterday had a few copies of the strategy guide out already. Was a interesting page through to say the least.
  23. Looking to do multiplayer achievment Tag = soul reaper i337
  24. The first version of this game was very la noire and x-files, but those investigative non-combative things were cut from the game. From what has been shown I think of it more like x-files with brothers in arms/bioshock gameplay. For me that change from investigative/shooter to strategy/rpg/shooter is a good thing my 3 favorite genres all in one game gives me a lot of hope.
  25. I have great hope for this game if it goes well it expands the xcom universe and gives me more ways to enjoy one of my favorite franchises.
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